Potential Trump VP pick makes an unexpected announcement that stunned voters

Senator J.D. Vance

It’s anyone’s guess who the former president will pick as his running mate. But now we may finally have an answer.

As this potential Trump VP pick has made an unexpected announcement that stunned voters.

Former President Donald Trump is keeping voters on edge.

They are desperate to know who he’ll pick as his next running mate.

Some are hoping that he picks someone who’s just as fiery as he is, like businessman and former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

Others think it would be best for him to pick a candidate who’s more calm, cool, and collected in order to help balance out Trump’s strong personality.

But one candidate in Trump’s veepstakes has officially announced his feelings towards his chances of being Donald Trump’s next vice president.

J.D. Vance Gives Insight into Trump VP Role

Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) expressed that he would feel a sense of disappointment if he isn’t chosen to be former President Trump’s vice president.

In a recent interview at his home with Fox News, part of a series featuring potential vice presidential candidates, Vance was asked about his reaction if not selected for the role.

“You know, I’m human, right?” he replied. “So when you know this thing is a possibility, if it doesn’t happen, there is certainly going to be a little bit of disappointment. But I think the bigger thing is it’s such a cool thing to get to do the job that I do.”

Vance is considered a leading contender for the VP role, as well as Gov. Doug Burgum (R-ND) and Sen. Rick Scott (R-SC).

As of this week, Predict It, a betting website, ranks Vance as the second most likely candidate, behind Burgum, to be Trump’s next running mate.

Vance recently won a straw poll – which asked participants who they think should be Trump’s VP – at the Turning Point USA Action conference, receiving nearly three times the number of votes as his closest competitor.

One GOP strategist told Fox News Digital that Vance is “extremely popular” among Trump’s base and could help attract blue-collar voters away from President Joe Biden.

“He would be a lot of help across the entire Rust Belt and could help pick up working-class Democrat votes in places even outside his own state of Ohio,” the strategist said. “He would be an asset everywhere, really, but especially in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.”

In the interview, Vance highlighted the support he could bring to Trump’s campaign.

The Ohio senator addressed a common Democratic criticism that Republicans are cold-hearted toward black voters and the poor. “They really can’t pull that with me, right, because I grew up in a poor family, and I was raised in a working-class community,” Vance explained.

“I do think there is something just about my biography that makes it a little bit harder for these guys to attack me,” he continued.

Trump has indicated that he will announce his vice presidential pick before or at the Republican National Convention, scheduled for July 15-18.

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