President Biden announces his scariest executive order yet

joe biden

The Biden administration is drunk on power. They’ve gone way too far this time.

And now President Biden has signed this scary, Orwellian executive order.

Earlier this week, the Biden administration announced that they will be establishing a brand new government agency that will be set up to address gun violence and try to prevent it from becoming more common in America’s cities.

The agency is reportedly being set up as a sort of “hub” agency that will be working with the ATF, the FBI, and anyone else in the federal government with information pertaining to gun violence.

The agency’s director will be Stefanie Feldman, one of Joe Biden’s top advisors and admin officials. There will also be top positions filled by gun-control advocates Greg Jackson and Rob Wilcox.

On Friday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris announced the formation of this gun violence prevention office from the White House.

A source close to the Biden administration with insider information asked to remain anonymous and had this to say about the announcement:

I really think this is a testament to survivors, impacted communities, pushing for years the administration to do this.

Conservatives, however, are concerned that this is more government bureaucracy that will only further infringe on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens who are now facing criticism from the radical Left though they’ve done no wrong.

In the past few years, we’ve seen the Democrats try to make gun control a top issue for them, though they have been unsuccessful so far. Especially when it comes to the court system.

The U.S. Supreme Court with its new heavy conservative majority has handed down multiple decisions to strike down gun-control laws in deep blue states like New York and California that they deem to be unconstitutional.

In New York, its law that was designed to restrict concealed carry permits to anyone whom the state government did not deem to have a legitimate reason to get a carry permit. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that this directly violated the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment.

On the flip side, Democrats in the Biden administration have been trying to do everything they can to use the executive branch to get around passing gun-control legislation in Congress that they know they can’t get passed.

Joe Biden announced a crack-down on so-called “ghost guns” that they claim is all about getting guns without registration off the streets. The reality is that it prevents Americans from being able to build firearms and firearm accessories legally.

Americans are allowed to build a firearm using the resources at their disposal, there’s nothing illegal about that. The Biden administration doesn’t want Americans to be allowed to do that though. It’s all about control.

Many shudder at the thought of what the Biden administration or future Presidents might be able to do by establishing a new government office that will be working with the already corrupt ATF and FBI to target Americans unfairly.

Anyone who wants to hand the federal government even more control and more resources to spy on Americans and target them unfairly likely isn’t paying attention.

A slow-boiled frog doesn’t notice a thing, as they say.

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