President Biden announces stunning new plan for his presidency in 2024

joe biden

Biden’s policies have been nothing short of a disaster. But his latest scheme may be even worse.

And President Biden announces stunning new plan for his presidency in 2024.

Joe Biden is arguably up there with Jimmy Carter as one of the worst presidents in American history.

His ability to destroy the nation through his awful policies have been troublesome for U.S. citizens to say the least.

But instead of trying to fix the mess he’s created, Biden usually dashes off on vacation.

According to RNC Research, the president has spent 417 days on vacation during his term so far. That equals to 39% of his presidency.

At the end of December, Biden and his family went on yet another vacation to St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands to spend the rest of the year.

While at the Caribbean island, Biden was asked by reporters what his New Year’s resolution for 2024 is.

“To come back next year,” the president said.

When asked if he had other resolutions, he said, “That’s the biggest one right there.”

“I know you guys hate this assignment down here. I’m sorry to bring you down here,” Biden sarcastically said to the reporters.

His comments were made as he was going to eat at a seafood restaurant with first lady Jill Biden and his granddaughter Natalie Biden.

Former President Donald Trump spent 381 days on vacation during his four years as president.

Barack Obama spent just 328 days on vacation over eight years as president.

If Biden were to win another term in November, he would likely blow those numbers out of the water.

Republicans have been quick to criticize him for his constant vacationing.

“President Biden’s entire presidency has been a vacation from reality – 760,000 illegal immigrants have been encountered at the border since October,” Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL) recently said.

If Joe Biden spent the same effort planning out his vacations into his work as commander-in-chief, perhaps the United States wouldn’t be suffering from a multitude of crises right now.

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