President Biden gives the military a direct order with appalling consequences

Joe Biden

The American public is not a fan of how Biden has handled the U.S. military so far. And they’re definitely going despise his latest move.

Because President Biden gave the military a direct order with jaw-dropping consequences.

Just a few short months ago and the Biden administration was torn on whether they should supply Ukraine with United States-owned F-16 fighter jets in their defensive effort against Russia’s invasion into Ukraine.

That opinion within the Biden administration started to change, though. Come May, and Joe Biden was simply singing a different tune.

The Biden administration was no preparing to furnish the Ukrainian air force with F-16 fighter jets for them to use as they please.

It was a stark difference from the Fall of 2022 and Winter of 2022-2023 when Joe Biden simply said that Ukraine “doesn’t need the F-16s.”

Either the plan all along was to eventually furnish Ukraine with the fighter jets, or the war effort has gone so poorly for Ukraine that they truly do “need” the jets in the estimation of the Biden administration.

While the United States taxpayer is paying for jets and the federal government is sending them Ukraine’s way, European nations will reportedly be training the Ukrainians on how to use them.

“That training will take place outside of Ukraine at sites in Europe,” Air Force Pentagon officials said in a press release back in May when the furnishing of fighter jets was initially announced.

Now, Joe Biden has cleared the last hurdle with a new order. Joe Biden has ordered the military to give the European nations the “green light” to go ahead and start training the Ukrainians on the use of fighter jets for war.

National Security adviser Jake Sullivan shared as much with CNN this past weekend.

“The president has given a green light, and we will allow, permit, support, facilitate, and in fact, provide the necessary tools for Ukrainians to begin being trained on F-16s as soon as the Europeans are prepared,” Sullivan shared with CNN on television.

“The United States will not be the hold-up in ensuring that this F-16 training can get underway,” Sullivan continued.

This final stamp of approval from the Biden administration is significant for a few reasons.

Firstly, it’s yet another step of the U.S. being more involved in the Russia-Ukraine war than many Americans may like to see.

The American public’s perception of the war, while nuanced, has demonstrated that they overwhelmingly do not want to sacrifice supporting America first. It’s hard to say that the Biden administration has put America first when they are spending untold billions on this Russia-Ukraine war.

Secondly, it’s clear that the Ukraine effort is not doing as well as the Democrats and the Ukrainians themselves have been saying in recent months.

The American public has been hearing for months now from the Biden administration that Ukraine has almost drained Russia of its major resources and that Russia won’t be able to continue its assault much longer.

They want to convince Americans to continue to allow them to support Ukraine with a signed blank check gifted by the bank accounts of the American people in the form of taxes.

But that can’t continue forever. It’s clear now that Ukraine is apparently in desperate need of these American fighter jets in their defensive plan against Russia’s assault.

Which just makes you wonder how poorly Ukraine is doing and how much longer this war will carry on into the future.

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