President Biden just received the worst test news imaginable

Joe Biden

Biden’s first term is coming to an end soon. And that might be the only term he gets.

Because President Biden just received the worst test news imaginable.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are getting worse by the day.

He could very well be a one-term president if things don’t change for the better.

And according to a new poll from Power the Future and Public Opinion Strategies which was shared with The Daily Wire, Biden’s support among a crucial minority group is falling fast.

The poll shows that Hispanics in the state of New Mexico are increasingly becoming disgruntled with Biden.

According to the survey, 63% of Hispanics in the state disapprove of Joe Biden.

51% strongly disapprove and just 36% approve of the president.

President Biden carried the state of New Mexico by 10 points in the 2020 presidential election.

He won 61% of the Hispanic vote during that election. Donald Trump won just 38%.

In New Mexico currently, Biden only has a 41% approval rating overall.

57% disapprove of the president’s performance.

“Politically, New Mexico may be a small state, but these results spell big trouble for Joe Biden.” Larry Behrens, the communications director of Power the Future, said to The Daily Wire.

“The biggest issues on the minds of voters are the economy and crime, so it’s clear Joe Biden’s failures are the driving force behind why his numbers are taking a dive.”

Of the 500 people surveyed by the poll, 24% believe the economy is a top issues, while 23% believe it’s crime.

Half of the registered likely voters would rate the economy as “poor,” and 33% rate it as “only fair.”

“Families in New Mexico are just like families across the rest of the country, they are paying higher prices for everything so it’s no surprise they’ve decided Joe Biden needs to pay a political price too,” Behrens noted.

If Biden continues to do poorly among Hispanic voters, not just in New Mexico but around the country, he could very well lose the general election in November.

He better figure out something quick, or his time in the Oval Office will be short.

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