President Biden was delivered this military intel that nearly made him pass out

Joe Biden

The security of America is in jeopardy right now. That’s because America’s enemies are growing bolder by the day.

And President Biden was just delivered this military intel that nearly made him pass out.

Recently, the Biden administration announced that they would be sending a nuclear submarine to port in South Korea as there’s been growing tensions between South Korea and North Korea in the past few weeks.

When the USS Kentucky arrived in South Korea, it marked the first time a U.S. nuclear submarine was docked in South Korea in more than four decades.

Quickly following that, however, the U.S. sent yet another nuclear submarine, the USS Annapolis, to port in South Korea’s island in the South known as Jeju.

The arrival of a surprise second nuclear submarine gave many in the military and intelligence community cause for concern about just how hot the tensions are with North Korea right now.

Apparently, it’s pretty bad.

North Korea has not taken kindly to his show of force by the United States and has a response for the West that Joe Biden isn’t going to like.

Just hours after the first U.S. nuclear submarine arrived in South Korea, North Korea fired off missiles off of its coast as a show of force.

The communist regime in North Korea also decided to fire off more missiles over the weekend, potentially in response to finding out that a second nuclear submarine was going to be arriving in South Korea shortly.

The United States government has said this doesn’t pose a threat to the U.S. personnel in the region at this time.

Newsmax reports:

The United States said it was consulting closely with its allies about the North Korean missile launches, which it described as being destabilizing. In a statement on Monday, the U.S. military added that the launches posed no immediate threat to U.S. personnel and territory or to U.S. allies.

North Korea has also said that they believe the move from the U.S. government to send nuclear submarines to South Korea is enough for them to use nuclear weapons.

Obviously, the North Korean regime is completely out of its mind.

No one has targeted North Korea in any harmful way at this time so these shows of forces and threats of nuclear weaponry use is simply uncalled for.

That being said, one has to wonder what the long-term plan is to deal with the issue that is the North Korean regime.

A lot of that falls on the President of the United States as the U.S. is largely viewed as the default negotiator as the most powerful country in the entire world.

Former President Donald Trump has been critical of President Joe Biden for his lack of leadership in dealing with a number of growing issues like North Korea, Russia, and Iran.

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but he knew how to get all parties to feel like their voices were heard so everyone could avoid tensions growing too hot too fast.

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