Presidential candidate arrested in a shocking scene that’s turned the 2024 election upside down

jill stein

October is usually the month for surprises in a presidential election. But this massive surprise came in April.

And a presidential candidate was arrested in a shocking that’s turned the 2024 election on it’s head.

Anti-Israel protests have been taking place all across college campuses in the United States.

Some of these protestors have even encouraged violence against Jewish individuals.

Arrests have even been made as a result of these protests occurring, even the arrests of more notable individuals like a 2024 presidential candidate.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested over the weekend for her participating in an anti-Israel protest at Washington University in St. Louis.

The arrest took place just a day after she was present outside of Columbia University which is the site of one of the more infamous pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

Stein, as well as over 80 other people, was arrested for refusing to depart the school’s campus, according to reports from the St. Louis Dispatch.

She posted the video of her arrest on X (formerly Twitter), which you can watch below:

Her campaign manager Jason Call and her deputy campaign manager Kelly Merrill-Caye were also among those who were arrested by police.

“We’re standing here with the students at WashU, standing up for our Constitutional rights, standing up for the American people who want to end this genocide now,” Stein said in another video that was posted to her X account. That video was taken before she was arrested.

“Jill and others were attempting to de-escalate with police before they began arresting people,” another post from Stein’s X account read.

“It’s shameful that university administrations are condoning the use of force against their own students who are simply calling for peace, human rights, and an end to a genocide that the American people abhor.”

When Jill Stein announced that she was running for president late last year, she said that stopping the “genocide in Gaza” was one of the main reasons for her throwing her hat in the ring.

According to the latest RealClearPolling (RCP) national average, Stein is sitting at just 1.4% nationally.

Her chances of winning the presidential election or even being remotely competitive, are slim to none.

Stein isn’t even in the same category as fellow third-party candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who’s polling at 10.6% according to the same RCP average.

So who knows if this arrest was an attempt at a publicity stunt to help her poll numbers.

But either way, Jill Stein is likely not going to be heavily thought of come November when Donald Trump and Joe Biden duke it out for the presidency.

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