Presidential candidate’s campaign is in ruins after this embarrassing failure

Nikki Haley

This election cycle is proving to be a difficult battle for all involved. But some candidates aren’t able to hold their own.

And this presidential candidate’s campaign is in ruins after this embarrassing failure.

The first Republican primary contest will be the Iowa caucuses which will take place on January 15.

That has candidates rushing to make final impressions in the Hawkeye State through various campaign events.

Former South Carolina Governor and current Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, had other plans, however.

At the last minute on Monday, Haley’s campaign canceled an event to avoid showing up to a room that was almost completely void of supporters.

“If you look around me, technically this is an event that was supposed to start in the last few minutes, and of course it’s empty,” an MSNBC reporter said who was live at the location of the campaign event.

“You got empty chairs, stuff packed up in the corner, and signs just hanging on the wall – the only way you’d know that Nikki Haley was supposed to be here.”

Critics of Haley’s, including one of her fellow Republican competitors, Vivek Ramaswamy, said that she canceled the event to save herself the embarrassment of showing up in front of only a handful of supporters.

Others attributed her cancellation to a snow storm approaching the area, although it was argued that the event would’ve been cancelled much earlier if they knew weather was going to be an issue.

“Nikki Haley cancelled her events in Sioux City, Iowa to ‘avoid embarrassment.’ I’m headed to Sioux City for our event right now. We’re not cancelling. Four Events in northwest Iowa, keeping them intact. If you can’t handle the snow, you can’t handle Xi Jinping,” Ramaswamy said in a post to X (formerly Twitter).

“Ouch. After insulting Iowans last week, Nikki Haley was forced to cancel an event when no one showed up because she can’t stop making gaffes,” the X account, DeSantis War Room posted.

They of course are referring to when Haley told New Hampshire voters that they need to “correct” Iowans’ votes if she doesn’t end up winning the caucuses.

“We have an opportunity to get this right. And I know we’ll get it right, and I trust you. I trust every single one of you. You know how to do this,” Haley said.

“You know Iowa starts it. You know that you correct it.”

Haley has had a strong surge in the past few months, but her latest round of gaffes, particularly involving the state of Iowa, could be her downfall.

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