Radical Leftist gets utterly humiliated in front of thousands over this failed assault of Donald Trump


The Left’s constant goal is to attack Trump in every way possible. They won’t sleep unless they’ve successfully done so.

But this radical Leftist gets utterly humiliated in front of thousands over this failed assault of Donald Trump.

One of the biggest debates among President Joe Biden supporters and former President Donald Trump supporters is whether or not Biden is too old to serve as commander-in-chief.

Biden voters will implore you that he is certainly fit for office, while Trump voters will claim the opposite and point to the clear cognitive decline that the president is experiencing.

One Leftist commentator, Brian Taylor Cohen, has made it a mission to prove that Trump is actually the one who is too old to serve as president.

Cohen has also claimed in the past – most notably during an appearance on Piers Morgan’s “Uncensored” – that Biden’s cognitive issues aren’t actually a problem, despite polls where even Democrats feel as though they are.


And in a post on X from this past Monday, Cohen decided it was a good idea to share an out-of-context photo of Donald Trump in an effort to attack the former president for his age.

“Here is a photo of Trump having to hold someone’s hand to guide him off stage. I’m sure this will get just as much coverage as the daily ‘BiDeN oLd’ story gets,” Cohen’s post said.

Under the caption on the post is a picture of Donald Trump walking on stage and holding onto the hand of his son, Donald Trump Jr. But the picture is very much taken out of context.

After Cohen raked up a ton of criticism, the post was eventually deleted, but before that, it did receive a Community Note (X’s fact-checking service) underneath it, which read, “This photo is missing context. Another photo from the same rally in Hialeah, Florida shows Donald Trump walking without assistance as he leaves the stage.”

X users were quick to point out Cohen’s lies, with one user stating, “Brian Tyler Cohen, the host of ‘No Lie,’ is lying.” That user, Siraj Hashmi, also shared a video that shows the full context of Trump grabbing onto his son’s hand. Donald Trump didn’t need any assistance at all as the video shows:

“Keep lying Brian Tyler Cohen and we’ll keep exposing you. It’s easy,” another X user stated.

The Left is so desperate to paint Trump as someone whose mental and physical fitness is as bad or worse than Biden’s, that they have to come up with absurd lies.

The truth is, despite only being a few years apart, Donald Trump is in much better mental and physical shape than Joe Biden is.

But apparently, Biden supporters aren’t ready to accept that truth quite yet.

So instead, they’ll try to feel better about the situation by trying to convince themselves and others that former President Trump is the one who’s too old to serve as commander-in-chief.

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