Radical Leftist made this disgusting comment that has Americans seething with anger

Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz

Democrats have a knack at saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. But this took things a bridge too far.

And a radical Leftist made this disgusting comment that has Americans seething with anger.

The city of Athens, Georgia is in a state of shock after the recent murder of nursing student Laken Riley.

Riley was murdered by Jose Antonia Ibarra, who is an illegal immigrant from Venezuela.

Rightfully so, Americans and locals of Athens are livid that the poor immigration policies of the Democrats and the Biden administration allowed for an illegal alien to make their way into the country and commit a violent crime.

Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz (D) held a press conference on Wednesday where he tried to calm people’s frustrations over the incident.

“Responsibility for this crime rests solely upon the perpetrator,” Gritz said.

The mayor then tried to deny the idea that his policies brought forth a sanctuary city in Athens which allowed for illegal immigrants to easily reside there.

“You’re a liar,” several press conference attendees yelled at Gritz.

There were also signs displayed that read, “BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS,” “STOP LYING,” and “Make Athens Safe Again.”

“You’re the one who is guilty and got blood on your hands for this murder, sir!” another attendee exclaimed.

Girtz continued to explain that none of the policies he’s put forth “have created sanctuary city status in Athens.”

But according to Fox News Digital, “protestors have demanded Athens-Clarke County revoke a 2019 resolution in which the government welcomed ‘people from all lands and backgrounds,’ including illegal immigrants.”

That resolution was signed by none other than Gritz back in August of 2019.

The mayor then decided to make things worse by blaming former President Donald Trump for how immigrants are viewed in the United States.

He also added that “hate” and “vitriol” from Americans towards illegal migrants are some of the real threats the country is facing, not murderers like Ibarra who crossed the border illegally.

Rep. Mike Collins responded to a clip of Mayor Gritz’s press conference on X, saying, “Sad we have come to expect this from Democrats who seem to only view the world through the lens of race and virtue signaling. Odd performance from the Mayor.”

Per usual, it’s never the Left’s fault for anything that goes wrong due to their horrendous policies. It’s always the fault of Republicans or American citizens themselves.

Give us a break.

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