Republican congressman makes startling 2024 prediction about Donald Trump

Rep. Ken Buck

The 2024 election is a little less than a year away. It’s hard to know what exactly will happen.

But this Republican congressman just made a startling 2024 prediction about Donald Trump.

Voting will begin for the Republican primary early next year.

It’s expected that unless something wildly unpredictable happens, Donald Trump will win the Republican primary and become the party’s nominee for president.

From there he would likely have a rematch with President Biden in the general election.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) believes that if Trump is to beat Biden and win a second term, he will be impeached if he’s convicted of some of the felony charges he’s currently enduring.

Buck also believes that Republicans in the Senate will vote to impeach Trump.

The Colorado congressman stated his opinion last Friday while appearing on CNN International’s State of the Race.

Buck explained that his prediction needs to be taken into account by “the primary voters” next year.

“Well, here’s the real issue from my perspective, and that is that impeachment requires a high crime or misdemeanor. If Donald Trump is a convicted felon, the day he shows up to Congress, you can imagine the impeachment – legitimate impeachment inquiries and motions that are going to be made,” he continued.

“And so I think it’s a real problem having someone that has … and the impeachment, the crimes aren’t just crimes that have nothing to do with politics or his presidency. They are integrally involved with how he operated the White House and what he did after he lost an election.”

Rep. Buck also hopes Republicans will step forward and take action through impeachment should Trump win the presidency.

“I think that is really a cause for concern. I think the Republican Party and I hope the primary voters take that into account. I don’t know that the party can take action as much as the voters can take action.”

Buck has recently announced his decision to not run for reelection in 2024.

He believes that the Republican Party has started to go off course with beliefs that the 2020 election was stolen, as well as Trump’s alleged involvement in the January 6 riots at the Capitol.

Those viewpoints by Buck likely explain why he’s so adamant on Trump being impeached should he win a second term.

“There would have to be some Republicans in the Senate that have to support it, and constitutionally, if he is convicted of a felony and the appeals process has gone through its process and he is the sitting president, I think you will see Republicans in the Senate convict him on the impeachment,” Buck added.

It’s best he holds his breath for his prediction. It’s unlikely that senate Republicans will use Leftist narratives to oust Trump like Buck is currently doing.

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