Republican congresswoman victim of a wild riot on this college campus

Lauren Boebert

There’s massive unrest on school campuses across the country. Americans are wondering when it will stop.

And a Republican congresswoman was a victim of a wild riot on this college campus.

Anti-Israel protests across college campuses nationwide have grown out of control.

Many protestors are living in tents on campus while many others have been arrested for their role in the demonstrations.

Some protestors at Columbia University broke into a building on campus in an effort to occupy it.

Other colleges have seen demonstrators deface statues and replace American flags with Palestinian flags.

While visiting George Washington University, another campus that’s fallen victim to these unhinged protestors, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) decided she had seen enough when she noticed that a Palestinian flag was draped over a statue of George Washington.

According to Newsweek, Boebert visited the campus on Wednesday, along with Republican Reps. James Comer (MI), Byron Donalds (FL), and Anna Paulina Luna (FL), in an effort to try and get the school’s administration to put their foot down and stop the anti-Israel protests because of the antisemitism that was being displayed.

When Boebert saw the Palestinian flag on the George Washington statue, she attempted to take it down.

“Excusem, that’s private property,” a woman wearing a mask said to the congresswoman.

“Yes, it is private property. This is America and that s*** needs to come down,” Boebert said in response.

“That’s not your property. That’s not your property,” a man said back to her. Boebert then asked if he was a student of the school, to which the man said, “I’m on the faculty here.”

“Then climb up there and get that down,” Boebert demanded.

“Absolutely not,” he responded.

When a news conference took place after the flag incident occurred, Boebert was the recipient of boos and yelling while she tried to make her remarks. “Free Palestine” was also chanted at her.

“We bless Israel. We bless Israel. Those who bless Israel shall be bless. We stand with Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East. That is who we stand for and who we are defending,” Rep. Boebert said after hearing the boos and chants.

“And these folks who are shouting ‘Free Palestine,’ well let’s see. …I’ve seen signs here today that say ‘Q***r and Trans Folks for Liberated Palestine,’ ‘Gays for Gaza,’ ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free,’ ‘Lesbians for Palestine,’ ‘Chinese for Palestine,’ followed by ‘All Cops Are B*stards,'”

“Not only is this disgusting but let me be very clear. Almost every single person in this so-called liberated zone would be eviscerated by the very terrorists you are standing here supporting.”

It’s about time someone like Rep. Lauren Boebert brought some common sense to these radical protestors.

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