Republican governor steals Biden’s job from him in one epic smackdown

Chris Sununu

Joe Biden and all the Democrats have made it clear that the security of America does not matter to them. Many Republican leaders are beyond outraged.

But one Republican governor stole Biden’s job from him in one epic smackdown.

The Biden administration refuses to take our border security seriously and has even gone so far as to claim that there is no crisis at the border.

Even though many of Joe Biden’s allies and prominent Democrat leaders have all called on Biden for help, Joe Biden refuses to do anything.

Now, Republican governor of New Hampshire Chris Sununu has promised to take things into his own hands to address border security issues.

Sununu has announced that he will be using $1.4 million in funding from his state’s budget to help secure his own border.

He has announced this will include increasing ten times the state and local presence along his border.

When people hear about border security, most people immediately think of America’s border with Mexico, however, the northern border has seen a massive increase in issues since Biden took office.

The Republican governor states, “There have been more apprehensions along our northern border in just this past year than in the last ten years combined.”

He continued and said, “Encounters with individuals on the terrorist watch list at the ports of entry on the northern border have doubled since 2017.”

This is a major problem that is threatening the state and the nation, but one governor has actually done something.

The Republican governor says he is frustrated and exasperated by the lack of support from the Biden administration, so he has taken things into his own hands.

He warned that “there’s national security implications to securing the northern border that are becoming more and more obvious every day.”

In a speech with his Attorney General and state law enforcement leaders, Sununu said that it had been made apparent “that we do need more targeted resources. We need to provide an all-hands-on-deck approach.”

Sununu is beyond frustrated by the federal government’s response and said this:

“We asked the federal government for help. We’ve been denied. There’s nothing that’s come from the federal government. No additional efforts out of the federal government.”

The northern border security is failing but the southern border security is nonexistent.

Joe Biden and the entire administration are an absolute disgrace and they have completely avoided doing anything at all about the border crisis.

Both the northern border and the southern border are in a terrible state and Joe Biden sends hundreds of billions of dollars to foreign countries while refusing to take care of his own.

This treasonous administration is a disaster and a failure and they all need to be held accountable for their action.

The American people need to demand change and we need to demand action from our elected officials.

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