Republican Party in disarray after this GOP candidate’s betrayal

Governor Larry Hogan

Party unity is vital in an election year. But that unity may be slipping from the Right’s grasp.

As the Republican Party is in disarray after this GOP candidate’s betrayal.

Tensions are at an all time high in the political world as we’re currently in the midst of a critical election year.

But tension isn’t just happening between Democrats and Republicans. They’re happening within party lines as well.

One example of this is the way former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) has come out to support abortion, an opposite stance compared to most of the GOP.

Hogan, who’s running for Maryland’s U.S. Senate seat this year, stated that he is for codifying Roe v. Wade into federal law.

“As governor, I protected the rights of Maryland women to make their own reproductive health decisions. I will do the same in the Senate by restoring Roe v. Wade as the law of the land,” Hogan told the New York Post in a statement.

“No one should come between a woman and her doctor.”

Hogan’s support of codifying Roe v. Wade comes at a time when some Republicans in Congress have proposed a national ban on abortion. Others think the states should decide abortion laws, but are against a national right to abortion.

When the Dobbs decision came out in June 2022, Roe v. Wade was no longer the law of the land and Hogan promised Maryland citizens that he would work to protect access to abortion in the state.

He and three other governors were the only members of the GOP to promise this at that time.

If Hogan ends up winning his Senate race, then he will join Republican Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) as the only GOP members of the Senate who are openly pro-choice.

“Given the definition of what I’m supporting – women’s rights to make their own decision – I would say that’s pro-choice,” Hogan told the New York Times.

The former Maryland governor was able to win his primary last week and will now go up against the Democrat Senate candidate Angela Alsobrooks.

Alsobrooks doesn’t believe Hogan is all that pro-choice, however.

“Larry Hogan has already shown us and told us he is not going to protect abortion rights. And the Republicans he’d be joining in the Senate have made their agenda crystal clear,” she said in a post on X.

But most Republicans in the Senate would disagree with Alsobrooks based off Hogan’s pro-choice stances.

The last thing conservatives need on Capitol Hill is another squishy GOP legislator who is fine with proposing policies that will allow for the k*lling of unborn babies through abortion.

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