Republican presidential candidate makes a critical warning about Donald Trump

ron desantis

Voting in the Republican Primary is set to take place next month. But it could be the beginning of a rough journey for some presidential hopefuls.

And a Republican presidential candidate makes a critical warning about Donald Trump.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is working hard to try and secure votes in early primary states.

That includes lobbing attacks towards former President Donald Trump who is the current frontrunner in the Republican primary.

DeSantis warned that if Trump were to lose any of the first few states in the primary, he would claim it was because of a stolen election.

“If Trump loses, he will say it’s stolen no matter what,” DeSantis said to a reporter while making campaign appearances in New Hampshire last Friday.

“He will try to delegitimize the results. He did that against Ted Cruz in 2016.”

DeSantis of course is referring to Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) victory in the Iowa caucus over Donald Trump.

Trump did not take the defeat well and instead blamed his loss on a stolen election.

“Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he illegally stole it,” the former president posted on X (known as Twitter at the time) after the caucus occurred.

“That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got more votes than anticipated. Bad!”

After posting the tweet, Trump deleted it and posted a new one that asked for another vote to occur.

“Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified.”

DeSantis also doubled down on his prediction of Trump, saying, “I don’t think there’s been a single time he’s ever been in competition for something where he didn’t get it…where he’s accepted, I don’t think he will do that.”

This warning about Trump’s possible actions, comes as a bit of a surprise.

After the former president was indicted for his alleged attempt to overturn the 2020 election, DeSantis attacked the Justice Department instead of Trump.

“As President, I will end the weaponization of government, replace the FBI Director, and ensure a single standard of justice for all Americans,” the Florida governor posted to X.

“While I’ve seen reports, I have not read the indictment. I do, though, believe we need to enact reforms so that Americans have the right to remove cases from Washington, DC to their home districts.”

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