Republicans join forces with this leading Democrat in a shocking twist

marjorie taylor greene

The two parties in America have been at each other’s throats for decades. But that’s all coming to an end.

And these Republicans joined forces with this leading Democrat in a shocking twist.

The Israel-Hamas conflict has brought out very heated opinions from lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

Most notable is Squad member and U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who blamed Israel for a deadly hospital bombing in Gaza that killed 500 civilians.

American and Israeli intelligence disproved the claim that Israel was responsible and instead confirmed that the bombing was the result of a Palestinian missile that misfired.

Tlaib still peddled the lie that Israel was responsible and even left a post up on X blaming the Jewish nation despite the credible intelligence that stated otherwise.

Because of this and other comments Tlaib has made regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), introduced a censure resolution targeted at Tlaib.

The resolution however was killed after Democrats and 23 Republicans voted against it.

This drew the ire of Greene, who deemed the 23 Republicans as “feckless” in a post on X.

“List of feckless Republicans that voted WITH Democrats to table my censure resolution against Rashida Tlaib,” Greene’s post said.

“This is why Republicans NEVER do anything to stop the communists Democrats or ever hold anyone accountable!! PATHETIC.”

Of the 23 Republicans who voted against the measure, were Reps Chip Roy (R-TX), Victoria Spartz (R-IN), and Ken Buck (R-CO).

Roy defended his decision to vote against the censure resolution by claiming that it “was deeply flawed and made legally and factually unverified claims, including the claim of leading an ‘insurrection.'”

The Texas congressman did however acknowledge the fact that Tlaib is “worthy of condemnation – if not censure” for her “outrageous remarks toward Israel and the Jewish people,” but believes a better resolution should be drafted moving forward.

Marjorie Taylor Greene will have to go back to the drawing board if she and other Republicans are to hold Rep. Tlaib accountable by having her censured.

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