RFK Jr. just got the support from one top Republican that no one would’ve guessed


Kennedy is ready to shock the world this presidential election cycle. He believes he has a strong chance to perform well as a third-party candidate.

And RFK Jr. just got the support from one top Republican that no one would’ve guessed.

Even though he’s been deemed a spoiler candidate by the Biden campaign, independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. believes he has a shot at winning the presidency this November.

He’s been a solid alternative option for Democrat voters who have grown tired of Joe Biden over the course of his presidency.

And now, former President Donald Trump is singing his praises.

He’s even encouraged Democrats to vote for Kennedy over President Joe Biden this year.

“RFK Jr. is, as you know, the most radical left candidate in the race. He’s more so than the Green Party. He’s more so than even crooked Joe Biden. But he’s got some nice things about him. I happen to like him,” Trump said in a video which was posted on Truth Social.

Trump then made an attempt to turn Kennedy into a spoiler candidate for Biden.

“I guess that would mean that RFK Jr. is going to be taking away votes from crooked Joe Biden and he should because he’s actually better than Biden. He’s much better than Biden,” Trump added.

“If I were a Democrat, I’d vote for RFK Jr. every single time over Biden, because he’s frankly more in line with Democrats. He’s a better man than Joe Biden, that I can tell you.”

The former president then announced that Kennedy’s presence in the race is “great for MAGA.”

Trump’s comments don’t do any favors for Kennedy in terms of him trying to prove that he’s a legit candidate and not simply in the race to play spoiler.

Recently, the Kennedy campaign fired a consultant who told voters that their top priority is to take votes away from Biden and insure that he doesn’t win a second term.

According to a RealClearPolitics national average, Kennedy is polling at 10% compared to Trump at 41.9%. Biden is at 40%.

Kennedy is also the top-performing third-party candidate.

The Joe Biden campaign is certainly concerned about Kennedy’s chances.

They view him as a threat and Donald Trump realizes that.

That’s why he put out that video on Truth Social trying to turn Democrat voters away from Biden and towards Kennedy.

Donald Trump knows what he’s doing and it could very well pay off for him.

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