RNC releases disturbing news about Trump’s potential prison sentence that has the GOP on high alert

Michael Whatley

Trump’s sentencing is still about a month away. But that’s not stopping Republicans from preparing for the worst.

And the RNC releases disturbing news about Trump’s potential prison sentence that has the GOP on high alert.

The conviction of Donald Trump last week released shockwaves around the country.

Many Americans saw right through the sham hush money trial that Trump was in and deemed it as a political witch hunt that’s goal was to put the former president behind bars.

But now that the guilty verdict has been made, the next step is to see the result of Trump’s sentencing which will occur on July 11.

The sentencing will happen just days before the Republican National Convention takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 15 to July 18. The convention is also when the Republican Party will officially nominate Trump as their candidate for president.

Republican National Committee (RNC) Co-Chair Michael Whatley is prepared for the worst regarding the outcome of Trump’s sentencing.

In a recent interview with Newsmax, Whatley said that the RNC is fully prepared for the fact that the former president may be accepting the GOP nomination for president from a jail cell.

“Let’s say Trump is behind bars. And again, it is a possibility. Would he make a speech from prison?” Newsmax’s Rob Finnerty asked Whatley.

“Would he make a speech before sentencing day? Just something that you could play during the RNC? Are those contingencies being thought about, considered, and planned for?”

“Everything is being thought about. Everything is being considered,” Whatley said.

“At this point in time, we will have to wait and see kind of what the courts present us with the opportunity to do. But look, Donald Trump will communicate directly with the American voters the way that he always does.”

It’s widely believed by those with legal expertise that Donald Trump will not be sentenced to prison for his conviction of 34 felony counts.

Trump is a first-time offender and did not commit a violent crime.

But stranger things have happened in courtrooms before.

And it’s common knowledge that Judge Juan Merchan, the judge who presided over this hush money trial, is a Leftist who has not been fair to Trump and his defense team.

So it’s certainly possible that Merchan could hand down a prison sentence to the former president.

And while that would be exactly what Democrats want, it sounds as though, according to Whatley, Donald Trump won’t let it stop him from being involved in the Republican National Convention’s official nominating process in mid-July.

But for now, we’ll have to all wait and see what happens during his sentencing.

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