Robert F. Kennedy Jr. delivers a campaign announcement that has heads spinning

robert f kennedy jr

The third-party candidate has plans to win the Oval Office in November. But those plans are about to get turned upside down.

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. delivers a campaign announcement that has heads spinning.

All eyes are on President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump as they will likely face off in the general election this fall.

But independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is hoping to gather more attention and support as he’s trying to win the presidency as well.

And one way he’s doing that is by announcing that he is expecting to debate both Trump and Biden later this year.

For Kennedy to become eligible for the presidential debates he’d have to have a mathematical chance at winning the Electoral College, have an average support of 15% in five national polls, and have his name on an adequate number of state ballots, according to the Commission on Presidential Debates.

“There’s three debates scheduled right now,” Kennedy said to host Eric Bolling when appearing on Newsmax’s “The Balance.”

“We don’t know if President Biden is going to show up at them. I qualify for those debates because I’ve been polling consistently over 15% in that metric.”

“…So, I’m looking forward to debating both President Trump and President Biden.”

But even though Kennedy is optimistic about his chances at appearing on the debate stage with Biden and Trump, he’s been having some difficulties obtaining enough signatures to appear on numerous state ballots.

Utah, New Hampshire, and Nevada are states where his name is on the ballot.

American Values 2024, a Super PAC that supports Kennedy’s presidential campaign, has almost gotten enough signatures for him to appear on the ballot in Arizona and Georgia.

“We’re going to be on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia,” Kennedy continued.

“By the time that the debates occur, we will be on all those ballots.”

Kennedy entered the presidential race as a Democrat but has since switched to an independent.

Democrats are growing worried that his presence in the race could take votes away from Biden and in turn give the presidency to Donald Trump.

And if Kennedy is indeed able to qualify for the presidential debates, that would only help his case in being able to win over some of those Biden voters.

At this point, it will be hard to get Trump supporters to ditch him for another candidate.

But that can’t be said about President Biden who’s approval rating keeps on sinking.

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