Ron DeSantis just exposed Biden’s evil plan target schools

ron desantis

The Republican governor isn’t going to let this slide. He knows just how radical the Biden administration can be.

And Ron DeSantis just exposed Biden’s evil plan to target schools.

The Biden administration has been insistent on spreading their radical gender ideology to Americans across the nation.

And what makes things worse is that he and his Democrat pals want to push this ideology on school-aged children.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has been quick to call Biden out for this, and has also made it clear that Florida won’t hesitate to fight back.

“The Biden administration is trying to enact a radical re-write of Title IX that will gut protections for women and girls, including with sports,” DeSantis said on Wednesday in a post to X.

“Biden lacks the authority to impose gender ideology on the states and we in Florida reject his attempt to do so.”

DeSantis also added a video in his X post where he said, “the Biden administration is plunging ahead with a radical re-write of Title IX, seeking to impose gender ideology on K-12 schools all across the country.”

He also explained how the re-write Title IX would “gut protections for girls and for women.”

“It will, for example, overrule that Florida has enacted that make sure that our girls and women athletes are able to compete with fairness and integrity and that you can’t inject males into those competitions, and that you can’t inject males into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.”

“So, they are trying to impose this under administrative rule. They don’t have the authority to do it, and in Florida, we will not abide by it.”

Thank goodness for strong conservative leaders like Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Without his willingness to fight back, the Biden administration would get their way by imposing ridiculous transgender ideology on schools and institutions in states like Florida.

But this hasn’t been the first time the governor has fought back.

Last year, DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill which banned teachers from talking about transgenderism or s*xuality in front of kindergarten through third-grade students.

For whatever reason, Joe Biden and the Democrats want to especially target children with these damaging ideas and theories about gender.

It’s almost like they want to pollute their minds and straight-up indoctrinate them.

You can watch DeSantis’ full comments on the matter below:

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