Ron DeSantis just got hit with this devastating court ruling

ron desantis

The Florida Governor has his eyes set on the White House. But this ruling could put a dent in those plans.

And Ron DeSantis just got hit with this devastating court ruling.

Florida Governor and Republican candidate for president Ron DeSantis, has done his best to make the Sunshine State free of the Left’s woke agenda.

One of the ways DeSantis has done this is by taking on the LBGT movement.

An example of this is the Protection of Children Act in Florida, which was put into place to criminalize people who bring children to an “adult live performance” that involves s*xual content. This includes drag shows.

Specifically, if any business allows minors to attend a performance that “simulates n*dity, s*xual conduct or specific s*xual activities” as well as showing “lewd conduct,” then that business could lose their liquor license or be fined.

In June however, the law was blocked by U.S. District Judge Gregory Presnell out of Orlando, Florida.

A bar and restaurant in Orlando, Hamburger Mary’s, hosts “family-friendly” drag shows and had their lawyers argue to Presnell that the shows “are not harmful to minors but likely still run afoul of the act due to its overbreadth and vagueness.”

Judge Presnell agreed that the Protection of Children Act was too vague.

That caused the state of Florida to reach out to the Supreme Court to try and have the act only blocked for Hamburger Mary’s, and allow for it to be reinstated across the rest of state.

But unfortunately, the court ruled against Florida in a 6-3 decision.

Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch ruled to have the state reinstate the act.

In a written opinion, Justice Brett Kavanaugh explained his reasoning to rule against the Sunshine State, saying that the case was not a typical one for the Supreme Court.

“This case is, therefore, an imperfect vehicle for considering the general question of whether a district court may enjoin a government from enforcing a law against non-parties to the litigation,” wrote Kavanaugh.

Ron DeSantis has gained positive notoriety among conservatives for being able to fight the woke mob that has descended so rapidly on America.

He’s used that notoriety to launch a presidential campaign in which he currently sits in second place behind Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

But a court ruling like the one his state of Florida received, is disappointing if not maddening for conservatives in the state.

The LGBT agenda is yet again being coddled by Leftists who want nothing more than for it to take over the nation’s culture altogether.

Don’t be surprised if Governor DeSantis doesn’t let this go without a fight.

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