Ron DeSantis just made a jaw-dropping decision you don’t want to miss

ron desantis

Florida Governor DeSantis has quickly made a name for himself on the national stage. His latest move is sure to send shockwaves across the country.

And Ron DeSantis just made a jaw-dropping decision you don’t want to miss.

Governor DeSantis is known for his no-nonsense defense from the radical Left’s cultural attacks.

He famously announced that “Florida is where woke goes to die” during his inauguration.

And now he’s going one step further in his destruction of the Democrat agenda in Florida by signing five pieces of legislation into law on Wednesday to protect children in the state from harmful leftist initiatives, including mutilating surgical procedures, radical gender ideology in schools, and sexually explicit drag queen shows.

“Florida is proud to lead the way in standing up for our children,” DeSantis said in a statement at the signing of the Let Kids Be Kids bill package. “As the world goes mad, Florida represents a refuge of sanity and a citadel of normalcy.”

Senate Bill (SB) 254:

  • Outlaws permanent mutilating surgical procedures and experimental puberty blockers for minors.
  • Requires adults receiving these surgeries and hormones to be informed about the irreversible nature and dangers.
  • Grants Florida courts temporary emergency jurisdiction to intervene and halt procedures for out-of-state children.
  • Creates a pathway to recover damages for injury or death resulting from mutilating surgeries or experimental puberty blockers given to a minor.

House Bill (HB) 1069:

  • Protects students from having to declare their pronouns in school. Additionally, this bill expands parental rights in education by prohibiting classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in Pre-K through 8th grade.

HB 1521:

  • Protects children from sexually explicit performances in all venues. This bill prohibits a person from knowingly admitting a minor to an adult performance. Additionally, this legislation authorizes the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to fine, suspend, or revoke the operating or alcohol licenses of hotels or restaurants if they admit a child into an adult performance.

DeSantis also signed legislation that simply mandates separate bathrooms for men and women based on biological sex in all public organizations.

The most recent piece of legislation passed by DeSantis broadens student access to sports, protects First Amendment rights at high school athletic events, such as praying during a game, and provides the state authority over the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) to defend women’s sports.

One part of DeSantis’ news conference that went popular online was when he attacked “the pronoun Olympics.”

“We never did this through all of human history until like, what, two weeks ago?” DeSantis said. “Now this is something they’re having third-graders declare pronouns? We’re not doing the pronoun Olympics in Florida. It’s not happening here.”

Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz, Jr. praised the new laws, saying that they will “keep our students safe and our schools focused on education, not indoctrination.”

“Today’s actions make it clear — educators in Florida are expected to teach our standards, and not interject their own opinions or worldview into the classroom,” he added. “The Department will remain focused on teaching students core subjects, rather than woke gender ideology or inappropriate topics.”

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