Ron DeSantis sent a message to the Democrat Party that has all hell breaking loose

ron desantis

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has taken the gloves off. The Democrats went too far this time.

And Ron DeSantis sent this message to the Democrat Party that has all hell breaking loose

In an interview with Newsweek opinion editor Josh Hammer while on a book promotion tour, Florida’s Republican governor—the second-most hated name among Democrats behind former President Donald Trump—discussed his tactics for turning a purple state crimson red in just four years.

It’s a plan that might be effective outside of Florida as well.

DeSantis brought up the fact that he had narrowly won the governor’s race in 2018 throughout the conversation. In fact, the race was so close that a statewide recount was required before Democrat Andrew Gillum gave up.

But, the governor claimed that instead of exercising caution, his government went on the attack, advocating conservative priorities, and it was successful.

DeSantis defeated Charlie Crist, a former Republican governor and the strongest contender the Democrats could muster, in his race for re-election in November by roughly 20 points, even though Crist had already lost the 2014 governor’s contest to Republican Rick Scott.

As Fox News noted in November, the state’s leading newspapers had lined up behind Crist’s candidacy, only to see it swept aside on Election Night when voters had their say. DeSantis’ triumph also came in the face of fierce opposition from Florida media.

DeSantis told Hammer, “We took a state that had been a one-point state for the previous decade and then we turned that into a nearly 20-point victory, winning by 1.5 million votes, supermajorities in the legislature, taking school boards, all this stuff up and down the line.”

“The political character of Florida has changed,” he declared.

“We’ve been really able to rewrite the map here. And the Democratic Party in this state is basically a dead, rotten carcass on the side of the road.”

Given that the national Democratic Party’s ideologies are also a “dead, rotten carcass,” this message ought to terrify leftists nationwide.

An establishment media that studiously avoids true news that might harm Democrats or President Joe Biden’s reputation slavishly supports the party.

The major cultural organizations in American life, including those in entertainment, sports, and academics, support the progressive objectives of the Democrats.

Even yet, the party just barely held on to relevance in the 2020 and 2022 elections.

While though the 2022 midterms did not provide the GOP “red wave” as some Republicans had hoped for, the results in Florida were a “red wave” of indisputable proportions, and Democrats know this.

At this time, the party’s only realistic candidate for the White House is Joe Biden, who is quickly growing older and frequently unstable.

Kamala Harris, the vice president, has demonstrated that she is unfit for any post, much less the desk in the Oval Office. Now, even the squeaky-clean New York Times has written a negative profile of her.

The Biden Cabinet’s biggest star for the Democrats, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, has been a disaster, as evidenced by the effects of the train derailment in Ohio on February 3.

Governor of California Gavin Newsom openly disputes it, but he is eager to impose the same policies on the nation’s capital if Vice President Joe Biden is unable to seek for re-election. Even for the echo-chamber American establishment media, that would be difficult to sell.

In her reaction to Vice President Biden’s State of the Union address, former Trump White House press secretary and newly elected Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that the current political conflict in America is not between the left and the right but rather between “normal or crazy.”

And only one party is suggesting crazy policies like open borders. So we’ll let you decide which party is the one that’s gone off the deep end.

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