Sad Joe Biden news finally confirmed

Joe Biden

Americans suspect something is very wrong with Joe Biden. But this is utterly devastating.

And the sad Joe Biden news has finally been confirmed.

President Joe Biden’s job approval rating received a poor showing in the most recent Gallup survey, which was just released.

However, the poll’s timing was even worse.

Three days after Joe Biden’s reelection campaign was formally announced, was when the poll was released.

The Gallup survey found that “Biden’s decision to seek a second term comes at the weakest point in his presidency.”

In actuality, only 37% of people approve of Biden overall.

Since the start of his Presidency, that is the lowest result Gallup has ever recorded for Biden’s approval rating.

However, that wasn’t even the worst piece of news for a President running for reelection.

A startlingly low 31 percent of Independent voters approved of the president.

Since his inauguration, this is one of his lowest numbers among Independents.

But that is excellent news for the Republican nominee, as the majority of political observers believe that Biden defeated Trump in 2020 thanks to these same Independent voters.

The Biden campaign cannot be pleased with the direction of the numbers.

His approval rating is down three points from March and five points from February.

Donald Trump and Jimmy Carter, in contrast, were both in their low forties at this point in their Presidency, and neither were elected to a second term.

A second term for Joe Biden does not look promising given this pattern.

The Gallup survey revealed that the economy, which has also been worse recently, is probably to blame for Biden’s declining popularity.

19% of those polled claimed the economy was improving, compared to 75% who said it was getting worse.

Since the U.S. pulled out of Afghanistan, “His support has mainly been stuck in the low 40% range,” the pollster reported. “Now it has fallen below the 40% mark for just the second time in his presidency, as Americans’ confidence in the economy slips further.”

According to Gallup, the perception of a bad economy is fueled by high petrol costs, high inflation rates, rising interest rates, and announced layoffs.

The addition of a well-known Democrat candidate is another aspect.

Following the announcement of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s quest for the presidency in 2024, a recent poll revealed that Biden had lost a sizable amount of support.

“My mission over the next 18 months of this campaign, and throughout my Presidency, will be to end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power that is now threatening to impose a new kind of corporate feudalism on our country,” Kennedy stated in his announcement.

Prior to the announcement, a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll revealed that 14% of Biden’s 2020 supporters were already behind Kennedy.

Kennedy still has a ways to go, of course.

The numbers for Biden, meanwhile, keep dropping.

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