Scary scene erupts as a leading Democrat is charged by violent protestors during speech

New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Politics aren’t supposed to be dangerous. But this politician learned that anything can go wrong in a matter of minutes.

And a scary scene erupts as a leading Democrat is charged by violent protestors during a speech.

Big cities in America are becoming more and more unsafe everyday.

Take New York City for example, where crime is out of control.

Even politicians aren’t safe there from those who wish to cause havoc on the city.

And on Tuesday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) learned that lesson the hard way as he gave a speech at an event for the Association for a Better New York.

While speaking, a group of protestors rushed the stage and yelled things like “What do we need? A new mayor?”

There were also heard yelling “How much money do you take from the rich?”

Thankfully Adams was not harmed as the protestors were eventually pulled off the stage.

Planet Over Profit identified themselves as the group that disrupted Adams’ speech. They are led by young people who speak out for justice for the earth’s climate.

“This was us. Landlord Adams is torching our city so he can keep eating out of real estate lobby’s hands. He gutted the city’s Green New Deal, Local Law 97, so the rich can get richer. Enough is enough. Let’s get us a better mayor,” the group said on X.

According to what the New York City Police Department said to the New York Times, four of the protestors were placed into custody for their actions.

As for Adams, he didn’t seem all to phased by the occurrence.

“No banner is going to scare me,” the mayor said about seeing the protestors rush the stage with their banner.

This is yet another instance of Adams being called out for his poor performance as mayor.

He’s also been heavily ridiculed for how he’s handled the mass influx of illegal immigrants who have made their way to the Big Apple.

In December of 2023, a Quinnipiac University poll was released that showed that 58% of registered voters disapproved of Eric Adam’s performance as mayor of New York City.

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