Sean Hannity couldn’t believe what DeSantis just admitted about Trump

Sean Hannity

Trump and DeSantis are the leading Republican choices for 2024. That’s created a rift between the two.

That’s why Sean Hannity couldn’t believe what DeSantis admitted about Donald Trump.

Throughout his tenure in the White House, Donald Trump had a close relationship with Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis won the 2018 GOP gubernatorial race and went on to win the governor’s mansion that autumn thanks to Trump’s endorsement.

Throughout the rest of Trump’s term in office and after he left the White House, DeSantis, and Trump remained close friends and allies.

But a few weeks before the midterm elections, Trump started disparaging DeSantis by dubbing him “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

Since then, Trump has intensified his attacks and is now focusing more of his ire on DeSantis than Joe Biden.

Sean Hannity directly questioned DeSantis about what transpired between him and Donald Trump during his appearance on Fox News Channel on Monday via video.

“The last time I interviewed President Trump, I was there in 2018, and I always saw the two of you as friends,” Hannity started off. “And I asked him a very simple question. I said, ‘What happened?’ And I think it’s only fair to ask you the same question.”

“What do you think happened?” The host, Hannity, probed DeSantis on his friendship with Trump.

DeSantis said that he “enjoyed supporting him when he was President” and “worked really hard for his reelection in Florida.”

DeSantis continued, “I always had a good relationship with him.

DeSantis, however, said that all changed “once the midterm election happened” and “he started taking shots at me!”

DeSantis asserted that he never did anything to provoke attacks against Trump.

“I didn’t really do anything to do it except do a good job,” DeSantis explained.

DeSantis has developed a thick skin as a result of the attacks from the Left during the last two years.

He stated that he is aware of the attacks from Trump and others because “when you’re making things happen, you take incoming from a variety of targets.”

“So that’s just the nature of the business,” DeSantis proceeded, adding “and I’m happy to stand strong and do what’s right.”

DeSantis continues to decline to argue with Donald Trump.

Regarding his 2024 ambitions, DeSantis gave Hannity two words.

“Stay tuned,” he replied.