Senator Bob Menendez gets slapped with devastating betrayal from the last person he expected

bob menendez

Bob Menendez has been all over the news following his recent indictment. His list of allies is growing thin.

And now Senator Bob Menendez gets slapped with devastating betrayal from the last person he expected.

There is nothing Democrats hate more than Donald Trump, but even worse to them is being compared to the former President.

However, that is exactly what Senator Dick Durbin did to Bob Menendez.

Durbin, a Senate Democrat, recently compared Bob Menendez to Donald Trump and claimed that the charges Durbin was facing were “equally serious” as the ones Donald Trump is facing.

Even as Bob Menendez continues to deny all wrongdoing and as key Democrats continue to support him, I am sure that is not what Menendez expected or hoped to hear from key Democrat leaders.

Menendez was discovered in possession of $100,000 in gold bars and over $480,000 in cash throughout his house and stuffed into random articles of clothing.

Even as the Radical Left tries to make a comparison between Trump and Menendez, there is absolutely no comparison at all.

Donald Trump is being targeted for political reasons, and there is little to no evidence showing any sort of wrongdoing on his part.

However, Bob Menendez has been facing serious allegations for years and there is hard evidence all through his property that shows the seriousness of the charges.

There were no gold bars, cash stuffed into clothes, or a paper trail of showing corruption in the case of Donald Trump… that was Bob Menendez.

In the case of Donald Trump, the truth of the matter is that liberals are scared.

The Radical Left knows that unless they stop Trump, he will win the election and take the White House again.

However, Democrats are not willing to give up their power, and have resorted to instead weaponizing the justice system and creating bogus charges to lock up Donald Trump.

They are using his strong personality against him and continue to repeatedly lie to the American people in order to turn them against Trump.

However, the American people are not stupid, and they are not buying the story the left is trying to feed them.

Americans are sick of Joe Biden, and they know the truth: Trump is a stronger leader and president than Biden will ever be, and that fact scares Democrats.

Durbin’s comparison of the two cases is extremely weak and is just another attempt by the Radical Left to make Donald Trump look bad.

Americans deserve a government and leaders who will not weaponize the justice system in order to silence their political rivals.

The American people deserve the truth and justice.

Regardless of the reasoning for the comparison, Durbin should be ashamed that he even attempted to make a comparison between the two political figures.

Bob Menendez needs to step down immediately and should face the entire weight of the American legal system.

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