Senator John Fetterman went on MSNBC and stunned everyone with what he admitted

john fetterman

Freshman U.S. Senator John Fetterman is hiding the truth from Americans. But now it’s out in the air.

Because Senator John Fetterman went on MSNBC and stunned everyone with what he admitted.

Fetterman attempted to characterize his difficulties following the nearly deadly stroke he experienced last May as a mental health problem in an interview with Chris Hayes of MSNBC.

After winning the election, Fetterman admitted to Hayes, he hit his lowest moment and struggled to come to terms with the truth that his stroke would leave him permanently disabled.

The Pennsylvania Democrat claimed that because his children couldn’t grasp what was happening, his despair as a result of his handicap also had an impact on his home life.

Fetterman began by saying, “Winning doesn’t mean that it still didn’t hurt,” before adding that his kids were concerned “because they were confused.”

According to Fetterman, “the only person you’re really going to hurt more than anyone else is actually your family.”

“It nearly ruined me, and I know it put my family through a lot of pain,” Fetterman elaborated.

After that, Fetterman asserted that all Americans, regardless of their political orientation, must deal with the issue of mental health.

“This is not a Democratic issue. This is not a Republican issue. This isn’t a hard Right, hard Left… this was just a human issue.” Fetterman explained to Hayes.

“I’m begging you, please go look for your treatment. It works, and it’s what saved me from my anguish,” Fetterman concluded.

It’s all well and fine to ask for people who are struggling with mental health to seek professional help.

That’s a good thing and help shouldn’t be stigmatized.

But in this interview, Fetterman truly attempted to bury the facts.

The key point was Fetterman publicly confessing that his stroke left him so disabled that he was unable to accept the likelihood that he would never fully recover.

During the most recent election, Fetterman misled Pennsylvanian voters about this reality.

The Fetterman campaign hid the extent of his mental and physical deterioration because they believed that if voters learned the truth about his condition, Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz would have won the election.

John Fetterman’s issue wasn’t just some “mental health” issue. It was a severe stroke that has left him permanently disabled in more ways than one.

Americans deserve to know that the Democrats peddled the Fetterman campaign knowing full well that he was not in shape to be running for office, much less serve as a U.S. Senator.

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