Shocking arrest put the federal government on red alert

Xi Jinping

America’s enemies have infiltrated the nation. There’s no telling how many more there are.

But this shocking arrest put the federal government on red alert.

Most of the Left has been focusing on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine when they discuss foreign policy.

But the biggest threat to the United States is China.

They’ve flown spy balloons over our mainland, threaten Taiwan daily, and harass international shipping in the South China Sea.

Now they’ve gone even further by flipping American citizens on our country.

Federal authorities have arrested a US citizen accused of collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party to crush political opponents.

Litang Liang, a resident of Brighton near Boston, Massachusetts, was charged on Tuesday with conspiracy to operate as an agent of a foreign government.

“Litang Liang knowingly acted and caused others to act in the United States as an agent of a foreign government, namely, the People’s Republic of China, without providing prior notification to the United States Attorney General, as required by law,” the indictment reads.

Liang is accused of serving as a Chinese government agent beginning in or around 2018.

According to the U.S. District Court in charge of the case, Lian allegedly watched and reported on individuals and groups for the CCP.

He is also suspected of organizing a counter-protest to pro-democracy protestors in the United States, as well as supplying information on potential recruits.

“Liang communicated with the PRC government officials – knowing them to be PRC government officials – in several ways,” the court wrote in its indictment.

“These included telephone calls and messages using the social media application WeChat […] All WeChat communications are stored on servers outside the United States.”

In January 2019, Liang co-founded the New England Alliance for the Peaceful Unification of China.

He was vice president of the pro-PRC, anti-Taiwanese independence group until at least 2021.

Liang was allegedly tasked with gathering intelligence by a number of PRC officials of various ranks, as well as the United Front Work Department, while working with the Chinese Consulate in New York.

Of course, we should expect this to get a lot worse before it gets better.

As long as Joe Biden is in office, he refuses to standup to America’s biggest geopolitical foe.

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