Shocking confession from this Biden official could bring the White House down

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland

Joe Biden’s administration is coming apart at the seams. No one knows how much longer they can last.

And now a shocking confession from this Biden official could bring the White House down.

The Democrats wish they could front anybody else for the 2024 race, but they’re stuck with good ol’ Joe.

And his track record is one that would make any other president blush. Maybe he doesn’t blush because he’s not aware what’s even happening.

One of the biggest scandals that has rocked his presidency has been his inability of unwillingness to stop the flow of illegal immigrants at the southern border.

For what it’s worth, 6.7 million encounters at the southern border. In total, it was 8 million.

With them came 24,000 Chinese nationals in 2023 alone and over 50,000 pounds of fentanyl.

And guess what? Those Biden appointed to deal with the issue are admitting they haven’t even visited the border.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland admitted to Congress on Wednesday that she has never visited the southern border region while in office, despite heaps of trash being thrown on government property by a record number of migrants.

“Roughly 40% of our southern border is federal lands,” Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-Wis.) said during a fiscal year 2025 budget hearing with Haaland. “Is trash on the federal lands along the border an issue?”

“Congressman, I have not been to the border, so I couldn’t tell you that,” Haaland answered.

Tiffany claimed that Bureau of Land Management (BLM) personnel informed him in February that at least 193 tons of garbage had been recovered along the US-Mexico border in fiscal year 2021.

However, the Interior Department, which controls the BLM and manages federal lands, included no funding for the clean-up activities in its yearly budget.

“One of your priorities is conserving natural resources,” Tiffany told Haaland. “Is dumping 193 tons of garbage on our federal lands conserving our natural resources?”

“Clearly not,” Haaland stated.

Tiffany presented the TRASHED Border Act in November, requiring the Interior Department and the US Forest Service to remove plastic, medical items, and human waste that had accumulated along the border.

Human feces may damage local drinking water or impede crop production on farms.

According to a survey from the conservative Heritage Foundation, each migrant discards between six and eight pounds of waste as they enter America, with campfires and illegal routes from crossings destroying natural habitats.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who was impeached in February but never faced a Senate trial for failing to enforce immigration law, told Border Patrol agents in January that more than 85% of those individuals were eventually released into the United States.

Haaland, 63, a former Democratic congresswoman from New Mexico who was confirmed by Senate Democrats on a party-line vote, oversees more than 500 million acres of federal and tribal lands.

House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.), who presided over the budget hearing on Wednesday, described it as “another critical step forward” in holding the Biden administration accountable for misusing taxpayer funds.

“Despite its claims to the contrary, at every turn, this administration is ignoring local voices and silencing community input in pursuit of a radical environmental agenda,” Westerman said in a statement.

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