Shocking foreign plot found in top levels of Biden government

Joe Biden

The Biden administration has been continuously rocked with scandals. But this one should be the most concerning for the American people.

Because shocking foreign plot is found in the top levels of Joe Biden’s government.

Recent emails show that an Iranian influence operation reached the top levels of the Biden administration.

The emails show that Iranian operatives were in contact with senior Biden administration officials, including National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

The emails also show that the Iranian operatives were trying to influence the Biden administration’s policies on Iran.

For example, the emails show that the operatives were trying to persuade the Biden administration to lift sanctions on Iran and to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

The fact that Iranian operatives were able to reach the top levels of the Biden administration is a serious national security concern.

It shows that the Biden administration is vulnerable to foreign influence and that it is not taking the threat of Iranian interference seriously.

The Biden administration has denied that it was influenced by the Iranian operatives.

However, the emails show that the operatives were in contact with senior Biden administration officials and that they were trying to influence the Biden administration’s policies on Iran.

Once again, the Biden administration is at the center of a scandal with undeniable proof of corruption and more reasons why Joe Biden has no business running this nation.

Americans should be terrified that a foreign power was so easily able to infiltrate top levels of the American government.

A former State Department official said, “This should be the scandal of a generation: the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism appears to have co-opted senior officials of the last two democratic administrations, with the purpose and achieved goal of influencing our foreign policy.”

This news breaks just shortly after Joe Biden handed over $6 billion to Iran in a hostage deal gone bad.

America does not negotiate with terrorists, but Joe Biden certainly does.

The clear implications that Joe Biden is a pro-terrorism and anti-America president should be the clear sign to all Americans: vote this corrupt politician out of office…NOW!

Joe Biden and the Democratic party are corrupt officials who are promoting and encouraging terrorism through their policies and money moves.

This foreign influence in the top levels of our government needs to be addressed immediately.

Joe Biden and all of his officials need to immediately be removed from office for their corruption and treason.

The American people deserve better than this. We deserve a president and administration that is pro-America…not pro-Iran.

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