Shocking new development at border could lead to total collapse

southern border

The border crisis is worse under Joe Biden than it has been in decades. And Joe Biden is refusing to do anything about the crisis.

But now, a shocking new development at the border could lead to total collapse.

Due to the thousands of immigrants illegally crossing the southern border every week, the border patrol has halted critical training for agents.

All training including suicide prevention along with mental and physical health training and firearm training has now been canceled because of the border crisis.

Joe Biden once again has proven that he cares more about foreign illegal aliens than his own citizens… even those protecting this country.

Due to the “unprecedented” circumstances at the border, all agents are required just to attempt to control the flood of illegals.

An email sent out to division chiefs outlines the new guidelines and the reasoning why.

“Due to the unprecedented migrant surge and the current operational environment, effective Sunday, September 24, 2023, Firearms Qualifications, Use of Force Training, Suicide Awareness Training, Honor Guard and Recruiting events, and the participation of the Physical Fitness Program (PFP) will be temporarily paused throughout El Paso Sector (EPT) for a minimum of two weeks due to operational requirements.”

This cancellation comes at a time where many argue training is critical due to the situation at the southern border.

More immigrants are flooding into the US than most of these border agents have ever seen, and it appears now would be a good time for trainings.

However, the border patrol agencies are understaffed and the surge of immigrants is too high.

Instead of sending money to the border to help with the issue, Joe Biden continues to do absolutely nothing at all.

While Joe Biden continues to send hundreds of billions of dollars to foreign powers such as Ukraine and billions to terrorist states, Biden refuses to address issues in his own country.

Joe Biden is a disgraceful president and he should be removed from office immediately for his anti-American policies.

Border agents are trying to keep the country safe from dangerous foreign criminals, but they are understaffed and under-equipped to do so.

On top of that, Joe Biden’s policies don’t allow them to stop illegal crossings.

Under Joe Biden, the term “illegal crossing” is practically meaningless.

Joe Biden is encouraging people to enter the country illegally and is doing nothing to stop this from happening.

He is decreasing training and services for the border agents, while giving illegal immigrants whatever they want.

The crisis at the border is only going to get worse until a strong president with strong border policies takes the office.

Joe Biden is unfit to serve.

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