Stacey Abrams confesses one shocking truth about Kamala Harris

stacey abrams

Abrams is a complete failure after losing the race for Georgia governor twice. Now she’s taking everyone down with her.

And Stacey Abrams confessed one shocking truth about Kamala Harris.

Democrats are sore losers. No one can doubt that.

After Donald Trump won in 2016, it took years for Democrats to finally stop saying the election was stolen.

Some still even believe it to this day.

It was month after month of NBC, CNN, and the like telling Americans that Russia had stolen the election from Hillary.

Everyone knew it was a joke, but to deny it was to be labeled a dangerous “MAGA Republican.”

Well, now Stacey Abrams is calling foul.

And guess what card she is pulling.

Stacey Abrams blamed frequent criticism of Vice President Kamala Harris on bigotry.

During an interview on MSNBC’s Inside with Jen Psaki on Sunday, the unsuccessful Georgia gubernatorial candidate suggested Harris would not receive the same criticism if she were a white, male politician.

“We will always question the person behind the person, but we cannot ignore the misogyny and racism remain very prevalent in our politics,” he remarked.

“For those behaviors that don’t rise to either misogyny or racism, there’s also just a difference. Our expectations are set for the traditional white male vice president. It’s what it’s always been. We are not always great with new,” she added.

“But more importantly, I know if you filter through the critiques, if you think about how she is castigated, it is inextricably linked to race and gender.”

So far in her administration, Harris’ policy portfolios have included attempting to address the core reasons of migration, advocating for abortion access, gun control, and voting rights.

Despite Abram’s remarks, both Harris and President Joe Biden’s poll numbers have dropped in recent weeks.

And maybe it has something to do with their terrible policies.

According to a New York Times poll released on Sunday, former President Donald Trump would defeat Biden in five of six battleground states, while the former president would defeat Harris in all six surveys.

Despite being conducted over a year before the election, the survey reveals growing displeasure with the Biden administration amid the hostilities in Ukraine and Israel.

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