Stunning revelation in Congress has exposed Democrat traitors

Alabama Rep. Barry Moore

It is no secret that there are spies and traitors in America. But it is terrifying to think that they have infiltrated the highest levels of the US government.

But now, a stunning revelation in Congress has exposed Democrat traitors.

On Thursday, more than two-thirds of House Democrats voted against a bill to deport non-citizens convicted of DUI, even though it passed with bipartisan support.

59 Democrats joined with all 215 voting Republicans to pass the Protecting Our Communities from DUI Act, while 150 Democrats opposed it.

Seven lawmakers, including three Republicans and four Democrats, abstained from the vote.

The bill was designed to update the Immigration and Nationality Act to include that non-citizens “who have been convicted of or who have committed an offense for driving while intoxicated or impaired” are “inadmissible and deportable.”

Alabam Rep. Barry Moore said that it was “good news” that 59 Democrats had joined Republicans and “wised up” to the situation going on.

He did, however, say that the “bad news is” that Joe Biden “is still allowing thousands of unvetted illegals to flood into our country and endanger American families.”

One Democrat who joined Republicans in voting for the bill claimed that it “creates a new authority to deport any person unlawfully in the country who drives under the influence. We must uphold public safety at all costs.”

This bill is not just about deporting illegal aliens.

The bill is focused on public safety and protecting the lives of American citizens.

However, the initiative was opposed by many Democrats who have exposed themselves as traitors and cowards who care more about illegal criminals than the lives of Americans.

One such coward, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, claimed that the bill “would mean that our immigrant neighbors who came here lawfully and who have resided in our communities for decades could be deported and ripped from their families due to one misdemeanor DUI conviction, creating a separate and unequal system of justice.”

Tlaib is a “squad” member who believes in extreme and radical policies including wide open borders… but we all have seen how that works out.

Now, when a bipartisan bill is brought forth to protect lawful citizens, Tlaib and other Radical commies prove their hatred for America and its citizens.
This past week, the GOP-led House passed numerous other bills focused on border security and protecting the lives of Americans’ lives.

But now, they face an uphill climb in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Members also anticipate the release of a border agreement negotiated in the upper house and get ready to consider an impeachment resolution against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as early as next week.

One bill aims to create new punishments for people who flee Border Patrol officials within 100 miles of the border by engaging in high-speed car chases.

A second seeks to exclude noncitizens who helped Hamas carry out the lethal attack on Israel on October 7 of last year from seeking asylum in the United States.

Another bill attempts to ban or expel any non-citizen who falsifies their identity and Social Security.

These all are perfectly reasonable propositions, and any true American will agree.

However, these Democrat traitors hate America and are doing everything in their power to destroy this nation.

We must stop them and hold them accountable for their anti-America actions.

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