Supreme Court hands Donald Trump a major victory

Donald Trump

Trump is on the warpath to the White House. And this is a game changer.

Because the Supreme Court handed Donald Trump a major victory.

Anybody who’s being honest with themselves can see that Donald Trump is poised to win the Republican nomination.

Sure, things could change. It’s happened before.

Just take the 2016 primaries where Ted Cruz beat out Trump to win the most delegates.

We all know how that story ended. But, unless the other candidates can pick up steam, it looks like a bloodbath for anyone other than Trump.

With such obvious indicators showing him to be the man to go head to head with President Biden, the Left is pulling out all of the stops to prevent him from running.

They’ve already tried to drown him in paperwork for frivolous trials.

Now they’re trying to disqualify from the ballot in states across America.

But on Court just threw that idea right in the dumpster.

On Wednesday, the Michigan Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of a lower court decision that enabled former President Donald Trump to remain on the state’s presidential primary ballot.

The state’s highest court ruled that Trump’s eligibility on the ballot must be heard by the court of appeals before proceeding to the Supreme Court.

A lower court had already determined that the Republican front-runner may remain on the ballot.

According to the Associated Press, the Supreme Court stated in its brief that it was not convinced that “questions presented should be reviewed by this Court before consideration by the Court of Appeals.”

In mid-November, Free Speech for People, a group of Michigan activists, petitioned the Supreme Court for “immediate and expedited consideration,” requesting that the matter be remanded to the Court of Claims for an evidentiary hearing.

The effort comes after a Michigan judge ruled against groups attempting to keep Trump off the ballot, claiming that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment precludes him from holding office since he engaged in an insurgency at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

“It takes the decision of whether there was a rebellion of insurrection and whether or not someone participated in it from the Congress, a body made up of elected representatives of the people of every state in the nation, and gives it to but one single judicial officer,” the judge wrote in his ruling on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Michigan is one of several states that have filed legal challenges to Trump’s nomination, with some attempting to utilize the 14th Amendment’s insurrectionist clause to keep him off the Republican ballot.

On Wednesday, the Colorado Supreme Court will consider the case, while on November 8, the Minnesota Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit.

At the beginning of the month, a New Hampshire court of appeals upheld a lower court’s decision to reject a similar lawsuit.

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