Supreme Court hit with a lethal threat from this guest on The View

John Grisham

The View is a program that’s filled with Leftist propaganda. The hosts are always trying to promote the Democrats’ radical agenda.

And the Supreme Court was hit with a lethal threat from this guest on The View.

The United States Supreme Court has been heavily criticized by the Democrats over the years.

They believe that the nation’s high court has an agenda to strip away the rights of American citizens.

Of course that couldn’t be further from the truth, yet the Left still spouts that unhinged idea every chance they get.

And that’s exactly what happened during a recent episode of ABC’s “The View.”

During the program, the hosts spoke with author and former lawyer John Grisham about his new book “Camino Ghosts.”

Somehow co-host Joy Behar started discussing the Supreme Court, the “scandals plaguing” it, and if he would “write a book or make a movie out of that.”

“I wrote a great book called ‘The Pelican Brief’ in which two Supreme Court Justices were assassinated, and I thought about doing it again,” Grishman said.

His comments sounded a lot like he was suggesting he fantasizes about the assassination of justices on the Supreme Court.

The audience, who are usually full of Leftists who cheer on anything the hosts of The View have to say, laughed at Grisham’s comment.

Behar immediately interjected saying, “No, no, no. He means he’d write the book.”

“Writing part two! He’s talking about writing part two!” co-host Whoopi Goldberg exclaimed.

“It’s all fiction,” co-host Sunny Hostin also said.

Grishman defended his comments as well, saying, “It’s all fiction. Don’t get upset.”

He then added how the Supreme Court is in an awful place right now, saying, “The Court has never looked this bad in my lifetime. Some of the rulings, the ethical challenges … It went downhill in 2000 when five Republicans on the court chose to elect a president.”

Grishman’s comments are a wild exaggeration.

He and Leftists are simply angry with the Supreme Court and its justices because they have made several key rulings that didn’t go in their favor.

Take the Dobbs decision which overturned Roe v. Wade and returned the issue of abortion to the states. When the Supreme Court made that decision, radical Leftists lost their minds and went to the conservative justices’ houses and held protests.

If the court made rulings that went in the Democrat’s favor, then it’s highly doubtful that Grishman would’ve said what he did while appearing on The View.

You can watch his comments in the video below:

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