Supreme Court Justices have handed down a ruling with jaw-dropping consequences


2022 brought a ton of huge rulings on issues surrounding the First and Second Amendments. But there’s way more on the way.

Because Supreme Court Justices have now handed down a ruling with jaw-dropping consequences for Americans.

The Wyoming Supreme Court has made the decision not to comment on a lawsuit that has temporarily overturned the state’s prohibition on abortions.

A pregnant woman and a law student have claimed before Ninth District Judge Melissa Owens that Wyoming’s trigger law restricts them from making decisions about their health care, citing a state constitutional amendment ratified by 70% of voters in 2012.

Physicians involved in the complaint, according to Abigail Fournier, an attorney with Steiner, Fournier and Zook in Cheyenne, have a similar worry.

They are effectively arguing that the new rule forbids doctors from providing pregnancy-related issues with evidence-based medical care.

The district court questioned the justices on the constitutionality of House Bill 92, which outlaws abortions, and asked them to respond to 12 questions.

When it overruled Roe v. Wade, the US Supreme Court declared that the US Constitution did not protect the right to an abortion.

The state claims that Wyoming’s constitution does not mention abortion and that the new law is required to protect the lives of unborn children.

Pro-abortion advocates have asserted that restricting access to abortions may also result in the mother’s death, however such occurrences are incredibly rare.

According to Fournier, Wyoming’s judges are not required to follow the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings, in part because the state’s constitution expressly upholds the right of all citizens to make their own health care decisions, provided they are competent.

“Wyomingites have always really had this ideal of ‘we don’t want the government in our business.’ And so we’ve passed amendments to our constitution that have created a constitution that actually affords more protection against government infringement than the U.S. Constitution,” she said.

It should be noted that no lower court’s opinions can override that of the U.S. Supreme Court’s opinions and precedent-setting rulings.

Meaning a lower court can’t lawfully contradict that of the Dobbs ruling that saw the mindless Roe v. Wade ruling effectively overturned.

According to Fournier, the effects of the US Supreme Court’s Roe decision could go beyond the state’s trigger statute.

She recalled a state legislator-introduced bill that would outlaw medical care for adolescents who identify as transgender and a recent congressional statute that guaranteed safeguards for same-sex and inter-racial marriage.

“Because that was a law that followed Roe v. Wade in that line of precedent. There’s a lot of laws and a lot of rights that are impacted by the overturning of Roe, and I think that a lot of other issues will likely come before the court,” she said.

This is more fear mongering on the part of Leftists who can’t stand that their precious Roe v. Wade ruling is off the table now.

Roe v. Wade was always a poorly decided ruling, even according to far-Left “progressive” legal experts who have for decades seen the demise of Roe coming whether they liked it or not.

No one is going to outlaw interracial marriage or contraception just because Roe v. Wade is off the books.

Believe it or not, but the issue of ruthlessly ending the lives of babies in the womb has nothing to do with two people from separate races marrying each other.

Crazy, we know.