Swing state Republican hits Trump with a devastating betrayal

Geoff Duncan GA

The former president is performing well in the polls so far this election cycle. But not every member of the GOP is thrilled about that.

And a swing state Republican hits Trump with a devastating betrayal.

Former President Donald Trump is the leading candidate at this point in the 2024 presidential race.

He’s performing well in national polls and battleground state polls.

But one Republican in the battleground state of Georgia is hoping that these polls won’t hold up once it’s time to vote on election day.

Former Georgia Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan has announced through an op-ed he wrote for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, that he will be voting for President Joe Biden this year instead of Trump.

Not only that, but he’s encouraging other Republicans to do the same.

“This mentality is dead wrong. GOP will never rebuild until we move on from the Trump era, leaving conservative (but not angry) Republicans like me no choice but to pull the lever for Biden,” Duncan wrote.

The former lt. gov. did express how he hopes the GOP is able to hold majorities in both the U.S. House and the Senate so that Biden isn’t able to accomplish as much during a second term in the White House.

Duncan also went into how the events of January 6 and Trump’s poor character are why the former president doesn’t have his support.

“I get it. No one likes paying higher taxes, and these protests are unsettling. Trump has shown us who he is. We should believe him. To think he is going to change at the age of 77 is beyond improbable,” Duncan continued.

So according to Duncan’s logic, even though higher taxes have been backbreaking to middle-class families, Americans should still suffer from them because Trump will say some “mean” things on social media from time to time.

This is typical thinking by “Never-Trump” Republicans.

If Duncan was really a conservative like he claims to be, then why in the world would he cast his vote for Biden?

He decided to double down in his op-ed on the idea that he’s a Republican through and through, saying, “Unlike Trump, I’ve belonged to the GOP my entire life.”

“This November, I am voting for a decent person I disagree with on policy over a criminal defendant without a moral compass.”

Joe Biden’s campaign jumped on the opportunity to use Duncan’s op-ed to their advantage by promoting it.

“Our campaign welcomes and is actively reaching out to Americans like Geoff Duncan, who put their country and concern for protecting our democracy before blind loyalty to Donald Trump and his self-centered campaign of revenge and retribution,” Biden campaign spokesperson James Singer stated.

“Lt. Governor Duncan and those who share his values of preserving American democracy, standing up for the rule of law, treating each other with decency and dignity and respect, and working to find common ground have a place in President Biden’s vision for America.”

Moving forward, Geoff Duncan should probably label himself as a RINO instead of a true conservative. That would be a much better description of him based off his recent actions.

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