Terrifying double standard in the justice system leaves Biden laughing with glee

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Democrats have been prosecuting Trump trying to catch him and lock him up. But Biden has committed his fair share of criminal offenses.

Yet now, the terrifying double standard in the justice system has left Biden laughing with glee.

President Joe Biden is being investigated for his mishandling of documents in a similar way that Trump is being investigated for the same thing.

However, the justice system in America is being controlled by the Radical Left, and there seems to be no hope for true justice while Democrats are in charge.

Special Counsel Robert Hur, who is the one investigating Biden, is not actually expected to charge anyone.

While Special Counsel Robert Hur will not charge anyone, Donald Trump was indicted for “mishandling” classified documents by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Hur in January to investigate Joe Biden after numerous documents from the Obama administration were found in his home in DC and in Delaware.

According to Breitbart “Hur was among those at the Justice Department who had knowledge about the Russia hoax perpetrated against former President Donald Trump.”

He is expected to release a report detailing his investigation as early as the end of the year.

The investigation covered over 100 aides, family members, and colleagues to Biden, and Hur reportedly interviewed Biden for two full days in October.

However, we live in a chilling dystopian where the Radicals in this country have weaponized every branch of the government in order to suppress and control their political rivals.

Joe Biden will not be charged and will walk away free to continue destroying America, while the President who did the most good for America is being prosecuted as many times as possible in order to silence him.

The news first broke in January and the media reported that Biden and the DOJ worked together to attempt to hide the truth from the public.

Biden’s personal attorneys were searching through his documents when they discovered the massive horde of classified documents in Biden’s homes and the incident was reported.

However, in true Liberal fashion, the truth was suppressed from the American people, and now it appears Biden will avoid consequences altogether.

Thankfully, even though the Justice system in America has failed us, the House impeachment inquiry will keep Biden under investigation so there will still be hope for Americans.

Joe Biden’s crimes are far worse than anything Trump is alleged of doing, yet his corrupt administration has been doing everything they can to cover for him.

Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has demanded that four additional White House employees appear before the committee for interviews, so Americans are still holding on to hope.

The American people deserve the truth and we demand the truth.

We are sick and tired of the lies of the current administration, and we will not rest until true justice has been brought to bear against Biden.

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