Texas just sent President Biden a notice that has Washington, D.C. on fire

Bryan Slaton

President Biden has been one of the most divisive presidents in American history. But some are standing up to his authoritarianism.

And Texas just sent Biden a notice that has Washington, D.C. completely on fire.

Running up to the 2020 election, Joe Biden sold himself to the American people as someone who could “unite” the nation by being a moderate Democrat.

Conservatives saw through his lies from a million miles away and knew that Joe Biden would just be a figurehead for the new insane and radical Democrat Party today.

And that’s exactly what we got. Now even independents can see how truly divisive Joe Biden has become and that’s why Biden’s approval ratings have been underwater for more than a year and a half now.

Americans have watched President Biden wage a political war on conservatives by labeling them as dangerous “MAGA Republicans” who are “domestic terrorists” that want to attack the fabric of American democracy.

Obviously, that’s all Leftist propaganda and just goes to show how much of a liar Joe Biden is for saying he’d be a uniting presence in the White House.

In response to how hostile the radical Left has become, some in more libertarian and conservative circles have tossed around the idea of simply letting the States split along political lines that are being drawn.

The reality is that some states want to allow kids to be on puberty blockers while other states find that sick and unconscionable.

And that’s just one of the many serious issues that states are dealing with and deciding where they stand on.

Some legislators have said that there is merit for a national divorce in response to this growing polarization.

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has said that the United States should probably “separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government.”

It seems as though Texas may be the first state prepared to stand up to the White House and the federal government through drawing lines in the sand in a form of secession.

This week, Republican State Legislator from the Texas House of Representatives, Bryan Slaton, filed a new bill that would let Texas citizens vote on whether the state should consider establishing a form of independence from the federal government.

The bill, called TEXIT, wouldn’t be a vote on Texan independence or succession itself, as some fear-mongering Leftist media outlets would have you believe.

Instead, it’s merely a chance for the citizens of Texas to make their voices heard on whether they want to consider a path forward in establishing separation from a federal government that has obviously waged war on the liberty and freedom that many Texans cherish and love.

“The Texas Constitution is clear that all political power resides in the people,” Rep. Bryan Slaton said in a written statement.

“After decades of continuous abuse of our rights and liberties by the federal government, it is time to let the people of Texas make their voices heard.”

Some say that such calls for a form of a national divorce or separation are dangerous and only serve to further weaken the union.

While others say that it’s entirely possible to keep the union together whilst also letting states establish more political independence from the federal government.

With major issues like education, transgenderism, taxes, abortion, and more creating a serious political divide between conservative states and the federal government, it seems that creating more independence may actually be the only way forward.

The Federalist Wire will keep you up-to-date on any updates to this bill in Texas.