The Biden campaign is on high alert after leaked video shows damaging scheme planned against them

robert f kennedy

Joe Biden is in a world of trouble. More and more people are working overtime to try and put an end to his reelection bid.

And the Biden campaign is on high alert after a leaked video shows a damaging scheme planned against them.

The 2024 presidential election is going to be one for the books.

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are already exchanging blows in their efforts to win a second term to the White House.

But to make things even more interesting, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has gained solid support as a third-party option for voters.

That has the Biden campaign especially worried that Kennedy may take votes away from the president and in turn help Trump win in November.

And to make matters worse, a leaked video which was obtained by the New York Post just came out and shows that the Kennedy campaign’s goal may be to play spoiler to Biden after all.

The video shows a Kennedy campaign consultant telling voters in New York that getting Kennedy on the ballot would be crucial in helping to get “rid of Biden” which would end up getting Trump back into office.

The consultant, Rita Palma, who voted for Trump twice before, said in the footage that “The Kennedy voter and the Trump voter, the enemy, our mutual enemy is Biden.” The video was originally reported on by CNN.

Palma made sure that there were no Biden voters present during her remarks before then telling the crowd that Kennedy has a chance at stopping Biden from reaching the 270 required electoral votes that are needed to win the presidency.

“Bobby’s moving the blues on his own. If the Republicans accepted the fact that New York, Maryland, Illinois, California, New Jersey, Connecticut, most of the Northeast is going to go blue, why wouldn’t we put our vote to Bobby and at least get rid of Biden and give those 28 electoral votes in New York … to Bobby, rather than to Biden?” said Palma.

“We all know how that works, right? 270 wins the election. If you don’t get to 270, if nobody gets to 270, then Congress picks the president. So who are they going to pick?”

“Who are they going to pick, if it’s a Republican Congress? They’ll pick Trump. So we’re rid of Biden either way. All we need is like four blue states, and there’s no way [Biden] can get in.”

This leaked video immediately caused some panic for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) who responded with a statement saying that Kennedy’s campaign is saying the “quiet part out loud” about their efforts to play spoiler in the 2024 election.

“RFK Jr. was recruited into this race by Trump allies, his candidacy is propped up by Trump’s largest donor, and now his own staff admits that their number one goal in this election is stopping Joe Biden,” Matt Corridoni, a DNC spokesman said.

“As the saying goes, when people show you who they are, believe them: RFK Jr.’s campaign isn’t building a plan or a strategy to get 270 electoral votes, they’re building one to help Trump return to the Oval Office.”

The Kennedy campaign denied that they are playing spoiler and said that statements by Palma were made by him acting “as a private citizen.” “Rita Palma was hired a couple of weeks ago as a ballot access consultant, responsible for scheduling volunteer shifts during our upcoming signature collection drive in the Empire State. She has no involvement in – or access to – electoral strategy, nationally or in New York,” Kennedy campaign manager Amaryliss Fox said in a post on X.

“The video circulating was not taken at a campaign event. Palma was speaking as a private citizen and her statements in no way reflect campaign strategy, the sole aim of which is to win the White House with votes from former Trump and Biden supporters alike.”

Regardless of Fox’s statement, this incident has definitely spooked the Joe Biden campaign which is already very concerned that they may lose the presidency on account of Kennedy’s run for the White House.

Now they have even more pressure to win back the White House for a second term since they’ll be competing against both Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy this year.

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