The Biden campaign was smacked with disastrous news they thought they’d never hear

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The 2024 election is shaping up to be a close one. President Biden is going to need all the help he can get to squeak by former President Donald Trump.

And the Biden campaign was smacked with disastrous news they thought they’d never hear.

Polls out of several important swing states currently show former President Donald Trump in the lead over President Joe Biden.

If Trump is able to pull off a win in the general election it would be one of the biggest political comebacks of all time.

And this comeback may be shaping up to be a reality based off a new survey that’s come out of this blue state.

According to a recent McLaughlin & Associates survey, Trump is leading Biden 49% to 46% in a head-to-head matchup in Minnesota.

With third-party candidates Jill Stein and Lars Mapstead added in the race, Trump holds a five-point lead over the president.

Trump’s lead over Biden vanishes into a tie, however, when third-party candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West are added to the mix.

Minnesota hasn’t gone red in a presidential election in decades. If Trump is able to carry the state it would be a monumental victory.

He was close in 2016 when Hillary Clinton won Minnesota by just 1.5%.

Trump is trying to win other traditionally blue states this year as well.

Some of those include New York, Virginia, New Jersey, Minnesota, and New Mexico.

“One of the other things I’m going to do – and I may be foolish in doing it – is I’m going to make a heavy play for New York, heavy play for New Jersey, heavy play for Virginia, heavy play for New Mexico, and a heavy play for a state that hasn’t been won in years, Minnesota,” the former president said in December to Breitbart News.

On May 17, Donald Trump will make remarks at the Minnesota GOP’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner in an effort to win over votes in the North Star state.

“We are thrilled to welcome President Trump back to Minnesota to headling our Lincoln Reagan dinner, an annual tradition that reminds us of the roots of our Party and the leaders who have been most impactful in promoting our American values,” David Hahn, the Minnesota GOP chairman, stated.

“I can think of no one more fitting to join us this year than President Trump.”

In 2020, President Biden won Minnesota by 7.1%.

If the state flips to Trump, then that would be a disastrous collapse by Biden and his campaign. It could very well be an election-deciding contest in the 2024 presidential race.

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