The Democrat party just suffered a shocking loss with awful consequences for 2024

Eric Johnson

Democrats are an utter disaster right now. The American people have had enough of their failed policies.

And the Democrat party just suffered a shocking loss with awful consequences for 2024.

The radical Left is known for their soft stance on crime.

This is evident in all the major blue-run cities that are suffering from sky-high crime rates.

One liberal who’s noticed this, is Eric Johnson, the Mayor of Dallas, Texas.

In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Johnson noted that he is against the popular “defund the police” talking point that so many leftists have adopted since the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020.

The Dallas Mayor also said that his “priority has been to make the city safer, stronger and more vibrant” as well as “fighting for lower taxes and a friendlier business climate,” and “investing in family-friendly infrastructure such as better parks and trails.”

“After these wins for the people of Dallas – and after securing 98.7% of the vote in my re-election campaign this year – I have no intention of changing my approach to my job,” Johnson said in the op-ed.

“But today I am changing my party affiliation. Next spring, I will be voting in the Republican primary. When my career in elected office ends in 2027 on the inauguration of my successor as mayor, I will leave office as a Republican.”

Mayor Johnson isn’t oblivious to the Left’s failures in running cities across the United States.

He believes that the only way America can continue to grow, is through the growth of it’s urban areas.

“In other words, American cities need Republicans – and Republicans need American cities. When my political hero Theodore Roosevelt was born, only 20% of Americans lived in urban areas,” Johnson said.

“By the time he was elected president, that share had doubled to 40%. Today, it stands at 80%. As America’s cities go, so goes America.”

Eric Johnson also mentioned that homelessness is a major reason why large cities are “in disarray.”

“This is hardly a red wave. But it is clear that the nation and its cities have reached a time for choosing. And the overwhelming majority of Americans who call our cities home deserve to have real choices – not ‘progressive’ echo chambers – at city hall,” the Mayor said while pointing out that now one of the tenth largest cities in the country has a Republican mayor.

Johnson is expressing how plenty of U.S. citizens feel.

They’re sick and tired of failed Democrat leaders allowing rampant crime and homelessness to invade their cities.

This move by Mayor Eric Johnson may cause more leaders to step up and realize that policies on the Left will only sink their towns into further decay.

Or they’ll continue on the trend of ignoring these issues while their constituents suffer.

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