The FBI just conducted a high-profile raid, and you won’t believe who it is this time

FBI Force

Since they had searched Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, the FBI has been under intense fire. But the FBI is showing no signs of slowing down.

And the FBI just conducted a high-profile raid, and you won’t believe who it is this time.

Joe Biden has been turning every aspect of the federal government into a weapon for the past two years.

He is to blame for the discrimination the military has been practicing against conservative service members who reject the woke Leftist agenda.

When parents spoke up during school board meetings on critical race theory and LGBT propaganda, the DOJ labeled them as “domestic terror threats.”

And who could forget the recent FBI raid on Donald Trump, Biden’s main political adversary?

But with their most recent raid on conservatives, the FBI went further than anyone would have anticipated.

The Department of Justice ordered SWAT teams to raid Mark Houck’s home, and as a result, the well-known pro-life author and sidewalk counselor was taken into custody in front of his young children.

Every Wednesday, the father of seven was known for traveling two hours to Philadelphia to speak outside abortion facilities and urge women to protect their unborn children by choosing life.

A pro-abortion man entered the personal space of Houck’s 12-year-old son on one of these trips and hurled “crude… inappropriate and disgusting” remarks, according to Ryan-Marie Houck, Mark’s wife.

Mark Houck shoved the man in retaliation—a proper response to verbally abusing children—and even though the man wasn’t hurt, he tried to sue Mr. Houck.

The action was dismissed this summer, but the DOJ mysteriously took it up again.

And on Friday, up to 30 armed FBI officers carried out a raid on Houck’s house, pounding on the door and yelling at the family.

For the sake of his children, Mark begged the agents to remain calm, adding, “Please, I’m going to open the door, but, please, my children are in the home.” There are seven babies in my home.

Despite the family’s cries for help, the agents persisted in terrorizing them, and when the door was finally unlocked, they turned all of their guns on them.

When Mark’s wife questioned whether the FBI had a warrant, she claims that they responded that “they were going to take him whether they had a warrant or not.” The FBI then hurriedly crammed Mark into one of their trucks.

The youngsters were “really sad and stressed” as a result of the FBI’s careless handling of the circumstance, Ryan-Marie claimed. “I don’t really know what’s going to happen when you first wake up in the morning and see guns pointed at your dad and your mom in your house.”

But this is expected behavior.

Joe Biden has made the whole federal government into an extension of the Democrat party.

And regardless of whether you committed a crime, they will make you pay.

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