The GOP is rocked to its core after this Republican goes rogue and betrays the party

Adam Kinzinger

Betrayals can be pretty common in the world of politics. But this one takes the cake.

And the GOP is rocked to its core after this Republican goes rogue and betrays the party.

The 2024 election cycle is in full swing as we inch closer and closer to election day in November.

Former President Donald Trump is currently the leading candidate in a head-to-head matchup with Democrat incumbent President Joe Biden, according to many national polls.

But despite Biden’s deficit in these polls, that isn’t stopping him from receiving endorsements, even from those who consider themselves conservatives.

Adam Kinzinger, the former Republican congressman from Illinois, endorsed President Biden for reelection on Wednesday, citing his commitment to democracy as a “proud conservative.”

This endorsement didn’t come as a shock to many in Washington, D.C.

Kinzinger, who once considered running for president against former President Donald Trump, became closely aligned with the Democratic establishment after Trump allegedly declined to appoint him as secretary of the Air Force.

The snub reportedly led Kinzinger to support the Democratic Party. He served on the sham January 6 Committee, advocated for gun control, and welcomed the indictment of Trump.

“It’s because of my unwavering support for Democracy, that today, as a proud conservative, I am endorsing Joe Biden for reelection,” said Kinzinger in his endorsement.

Following his announcement, Kinzinger shared a video on X, which the Biden campaign also promoted.

“To every American of every political party and those of none, I say now is not the time to watch quietly as Donald Trump threatens the future of America,” he said. “Now is the time to unite behind Joe Biden and show Donald Trump off the stage once and for all.”

Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez praised Kinzinger, calling him “a true public servant who is a model for putting our country and our democracy over party and blind acquiescence to Trump.”

“Congressman Kinzinger represents the countless Americans that Donald Trump’s Republican Party have left behind,” she stated. “Those Americans have a home in President Biden’s coalition, and our campaign knows that we need to show up and earn their support.”

How can Kinzinger claim that he’s a proud conservative if he openly supports a radical Leftist like Joe Biden?

Biden and the current Democrat Party are against everything that conservatives are for.

Kinzinger’s endorsement would’ve sounded much more authentic if he simply would have said “as a proud Leftist, I am endorsing Joe Biden for reelection.”

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