The GOP is stopped dead in their tracks after this RINO delivers shocking 2024 election news

2024 will offer plenty of heated battles for Republicans. But this disgraced member of the party is out for blood.

And the GOP is stopped dead in their tracks after this RINO delivers shocking 2024 election news.

As election season begins, both the Democrat and Republican parties will do everything in their power to convince voters to support them.

Democrats are using the tactic of fear-mongering to get voters to believe that the GOP will cause nothing but destruction to the country.

Former U.S. Congresswoman and noted RINO Liz Cheney (R-WY) is hopping on the fear-mongering bandwagon of the Left to call out her own party.

While appearing on CBS’ CBS Sunday Morning program, Cheney told host John Dickerson, that an “existential crisis” will emerge if Republicans win a majority in the U.S. House in 2024.

“What happens if Mike Johnson is the speaker on the 6th of January 2025?” Dickerson asked Cheney.

“He can’t be. We are facing a situation with respect to the 2024 election where it’s an existential crisis, and we have to ensure that we don’t have a situation where an election that might be thrown into the House of Representatives is overseen by a Republican majority,” Cheney responded.

“So you would prefer a Democratic majority?” Dickerson inquired.

“I believe very strongly in those principles and ideals that have defined the Republican Party, but the Republican Party of today has made a choice, and they haven’t chosen the Constitution,” Cheney again responded.

“And so I do think it presents a threat if the Republicans are in the majority in January 2025.”

Earlier in the interview, Cheney explained to Dickerson that supporting former President Donald Trump is the opposite of conservatism.

“Well, I know what conservative means, and I think that the most conservative of all conservative values is fidelity to the Constitution. So there certainly are people today who are caught in this cult of personality, but that’s the opposite of conservative,” the former Rep. explained.

She also added that supporting the constitution and endorsing Trump is “inconsistent.”

“You can’t be for Donald Trump and for the Constitution. You have to choose.”

Cheney’s disdain for Trump isn’t a new thing.

Several years ago she was promoted to vice chairwoman of the January 6 Committee which sought to hold Trump and his allies accountable for their alleged involvement in the riots on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

And because of her dislike for Trump and what he stands for, Cheney has been labeled a RINO and has suffered greatly for it.

In 2022, Liz Cheney got shellacked in the Wyoming Republican Primary by almost 40%.

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