The GOP just got rocked after Mitt Romney made this presidential campaign announcement

mitt romney

Romney has been a thorn in the Republican party’s side. Now they can’t get rid of him.

And the GOP just got rocked after Mitt Romney made this presidential campaign announcement.

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) has decided not to run for re-election for senator in 2024.

But that doesn’t mean he’s going to ride off into the sunset quietly.

The moderate Republican has recently had a lot to say about his disproval of President Biden, but also former President Donald Trump and other strong conservatives.

In McKay Coppins’s new biography of the Senator, “Romney: A Reckoning,” Romney reveals to him many inside stories of his time as a Senator, including the aforementioned bashing of Republicans.

“Some nights he vented; other nights he dished. I got the feeling he liked the company – our conversations sometimes stretched for hours. ‘A very large portion of my part,’ Romney told me one day, ‘really doesn’t believe in the Constitution.'” Coppins said in a post on X.

But one of the most surprising revelations Romney had for Coppins was a plan to take on Donald Trump in the 2020 election, with Oprah Winfrey by his side.

According to excerpts from the book posted by Axios, the Utah Senator told Coppins that Winfrey, a talk show host and media titan, called him to pitch a presidential run between the two to “save the country.”

The ticket would be based on unity and would have the goal of stopping Donald Trump from winning re-election.

Romney turned down Winfrey’s idea because he believed it would only help Trump win re-election.

Since Axios dropped the scoop on Romney and Winfrey’s 2020 presidential bid that never happened, a spokesperson for Winfrey has come out to deny the claims.

“In November 2019, Ms. Winfrey called Senator Romney to encourage him to run on an Independent ticket. She was not calling to be part of the ticket and was never considering running herself,” the spokesperson said.

Oprah Winfrey is nothing of a conservative and has long been known as a Democrat.

She encouraged Barack Obama to run for the White House when she had him on her talk show in 2006. She was even rumored to be a possible fill-in for the late Dianne Feinstein’s U.S. Senate seat if Feinstein were to have retired before her death.

So a possible presidential ticket with Winfrey would show just how unserious Mitt Romney is about the Republican party’s stances.

And while the claim would be that the ticket would be a unifying one, it would in turn be just another Leftist ticket with Winfrey and her backers pulling the strings on Romney.

Thankfully this disaster of a campaign never came to fruition.

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