The liberal media backstabbed Biden with one shocking 2024 report

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Mainstream media outlets love being an ally for the Biden administration. But this outlet may have broken Biden’s trust.

And the liberal media backstabbed Biden with one shocking 2024 report.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have announced earlier this year that they plan to run for reelection in 2024.

As time goes on, however, some Democrats believe that with Biden’s age and Harris’ disastrous political skills, another Democrat should step forward as the nominee.

The New York Times (a left-leaning news organization) is the latest to come out and suggest Democrats should consider not having Joe Biden run for a second term.

In a column by Ross Douthat published in the Times, he mentions that Donald Trump may win the presidency because of how people view Biden and the mental capacity he possesses at 80 years old.

“I do not think Biden’s decline is overstated by the media; by some Republicans, maybe, but the mainstream press is, if anything, treading gingerly around the evident reality,” Douthat said in the column.

“In running Biden for re-election, Democrats are making a fateful bet that this successful management can simply continue through two sets of risks: the high stakes of the next election, in which a health crisis or just more slippage might be the thing that puts Trump back in the White House, and the different but also substantial stakes of another four-year term.”

Donald Trump winning a second term is the last thing the left wants to see.

And a Biden/Harris ticket could very well make that nightmare become a reality.

A recent Wall Street Journal poll shows that among registered voters, only 36% believe Biden is “mentally up for the job.” 46% believe Trump is mentally fit for the presidency.

In that same poll, 73% believe that Biden’s age is why he shouldn’t run for reelection.

Despite these poll numbers, Ross Douthat believes that the President’s age isn’t a reason for Biden’s shortcomings.

“Where I have criticisms of Bidenism, they’re mostly the normal ones a conservative would have of any liberal president, not special ones associated with chaos or incompetence created by cognitive decline,” Douthat said.

He also mentioned that he thinks “Biden’s defenders are correct that the effect of his age on his presidency has been, at most, only mildly negative.”

But that statement didn’t stop Douthat from mentioning how there’s “increasing anxiety” for how poorly Joe Biden is performing in the polls thus far.

The New York Times columnist also explained that eventually, Biden will have to perform his duties and prove that his age won’t be a factor.

Not only that, but the President can’t always hide behind his handlers.

Democrats have a major decision on their hands. Either continue pushing forward Joe Biden as the nominee, and risk losing to Donald Trump in the general election, or find a replacement that might fare better against the former President.

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