The media is rattled after Joe Biden explodes with rage in the Oval Office

Joe Biden

Biden’s time in the White House has been tumultuous. Nothing seems to go right with him in charge.

And the media is rattled after Joe Biden explodes with rage in the Oval Office.

This past Tuesday was rather eventful for Washington, D.C., as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a trip to Capitol Hill to beg Congress for more financial support for Ukraine.

Congress has grown more and more wary of providing aid to Ukraine, but Zelenskyy and President Biden have been adamant that it is necessary.

During his trip, Zelenskyy made a stop at the White House where he participated in a photo-op in the Oval Office with Biden.

After the Ukrainian president read a statement, Biden became incredibly irritated with the press and started yelling at them to be quiet.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hush up a second, OK?” President Biden yelled.

“I got one more thing to say. I’ve just signed another $200 million drawdown from the Department of Defense for Ukraine, and that” be coming quickly.”

Biden’s proclamation created a lot of questions from the media which were not answered.

That’s because, in response to their questioning, the president simply smiled and laughed as they were taken out of the room.

Part of the new aid that is going to Ukraine, includes ammunition for “the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, high-speed anti-radiation missiles, anti-armor systems, artillery rounds, missiles, demolition munitions, 4 million rounds of small arms ammunition, generators and other equipment and spare parts,” an official said, according to Fox News.

But Biden wants even more aid sent to Ukraine, including a proposed package that’s in the amount of $110 billion.

Currently, that proposal is stalling in Congress because Republicans and even some Democrats want better border control at the United States’ southern border to be included in a massive package deal for Ukrainian aid.

President Biden of course is not happy with the lawmakers’ scheme to include more border control.

“Holding Ukraine funding hostage in an attempt to force through an extreme, Republican, partisan agenda is not how it works. We need real solutions,” the president said on Tuesday.

“Putin is banking on the United States failing to deliver for Ukraine.”

Joe Biden can do all the guilt-tripping he wants, but the fact is, Americans are tired of their tax dollars funding a foreign war.

And they’re especially tired of the Biden administration refusing to do anything to stop illegal aliens from crossing the southern border at insanely high rates.

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