The Pentagon is on lockdown from this massive threat to national security


The Department of Defense is tasked with defending Americans from all threats foreign and domestic. The time has come to put up or shut up.

And the Pentagon is on lockdown from this massive threat to national security.

The Biden administration has been hard at work neutering America’s armed forces.

Instead of addressing personnel shortages, foreign spying, and advancement in arms, or the fact that we are sending billions of dollars of our own weapons to Ukraine, the military is focused on woke projects.

In fact, the Pentagon and Biden have made it clear to the average American that so-called “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” initiatives are the most important aspect of national security.

To them, Trump supporters or anyone else who doesn’t bow down to their woke agenda are domestic terror threats.

It’s no wonder the Department of Defense was just caught compromising American personal information to anyone with an internet connection – they’re too busy playing the part of Biden’s culture police.

According to TechCrunch, an exposed server was housed on Microsoft’s Azure federal cloud for Department of Defense customers, where sensitive but unclassified government data was shared.

The exposed server was part of an internal mailbox system that contained around “three terabytes of internal military emails, many pertaining to U.S. Special Operations Command,” according to the report.

A “misconfiguration like due to human error” left the server without a password, allowing “anyone on the internet” to access the sensitive mailbox data using only a web browser.

This weekend, a cyber researcher named Anurag Sen discovered the sensitive data and informed TechCrunch, which notified the government.

However, TechCrunch also reported on the breach, saying the server was “packed with internal military email messages, dating back years, some of which contained sensitive personnel information.”

It stated:

One of the exposed files included a completed SF-86 questionnaire, which is filled out by federal employees seeking a security clearance and contains highly sensitive personal and health information for vetting individuals before they are cleared to handle classified information. These personnel questionnaires contain a significant amount of background information on security clearance holders valuable to foreign adversaries.

The incident is similar to the 2015 data breach in which millions of U.S. government personnel’s background check files for security clearances made their way to Chinese hackers.

According to the article, the data was first leaked online on February 8. According to TechCrunch, the unprotected server was reported to US Socom on Sunday morning, but the server was not secured until Monday afternoon, after which it was inaccessible.

US Socom spokeswoman Ken McGraw told TechCrunch on Tuesday that an investigation was launched on Monday.

“[What] we can confirm at this point is no one hacked U.S. Special Operations Command’s information systems,” he said.

Nevertheless, according to TechCrunch, it is unknown whether anyone other than Sen discovered the leaked data. The publication inquired whether the DOD was able to determine whether any data had been inappropriately accessed, but received no response.

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